Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wicked + Wicked

First off, a big thank you to my boy Toby for finding this book and getting it for me, you rock man! Give him a follow and check out his stuff over on his Tumblr page

That being said, I finally got my smelly sweaty Latino fingers on this issue (it gets pretty hot here in the Toronto summer)! And if you know what the big buzz in the comic book world has been then you could probably guess, that I am talking about the latest project from Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie, from Image comics, The Wicked + The Divine! I will admit, that when I just heard about this book and the concept, I got hyped. I was a really big fan of the latest run of Young Avengers by this incredible creative team, while it wasn't without a few rough edges, I really liked what they did with the new characters introduced into the team, like Miss America and Kid Loki. So naturally I couldn't wait to see what they would do here, in a world with young Gods who walk the Earth but only live for two years after they adapt their power. Live young, die fast. A very interesting topic, especially when dealing with teenage characters.

After giving it a read, I got to say, I am impressed. It feels that with these brand new characters and world, Kieron and McKelvie are able to be more free and creative with many of the elements and themes presented in the story. The first issue presents us this incredible concept in this world, but left me very curious and wondering about many of the elements and possible rules to all this, which is a good thing, I really can't wait to see what goes down in issue two. I don't want to give too much away as far as story goes, but I can tell you that it is worth picking up, believe the hype my friends! A more mature concept allows for some awesome page turning moments of "holy crap" and "that's fantastic". The flow of the entire book felt like it would be perfect to watch as a movie or an ongoing HBO kind of show, and here is hoping we do get to see that. And while I feel that a much older audience won't really understand this book and it's theme, the new generation of comic book fans who enjoyed Runways, Ultimate Spider-man and of course, Young Avengers, will no doubt love everything about this book. So if that is you and you haven't picked it up, go out and get it! Although a lot of the first run copies may be sold out, check out one of the second run that should be in stores soon. For those in the GTA still looking, try Gotham Central comics and Stadium Comics as well, I know Gotham will have copies of the Eh!Variant, done by the talented art warrior, Mike Rooth! 

That's all the time I have for now, off to another day of work! Got a lot to do this week and this weekend, we got World Pride celebrations here in the city, I will be doing Jace Wars on Saturday, the World Cup is going into the next rounds, and I will also be kicking off July Well Spent over at Silver Snail! We don't stop, cause we can't stop. So I got to get out of here, but I will be back, be sure to plug and comment away on this and all my blogs, I will see you guys and gals later! Keep chasing the storm! 

Monday, 23 June 2014

My Comic Pile...

There comes a time in every geeks life when he has to look down at the piles on the floor and at the boxes in the corner and say to himself, "holy crap, I've got a lot of comics to read!" And I do, like a lot of them. I was just organize a few that were out of my collection, bag and boarding a few loose comics as well, when I realized that I have a lot of books that I still need to read. Which isn't a bad thing, it's actually really cool when I think about it. One of my problems may stem from the fact that I want to get more comics and try to catch up with more current ongoing series. The life of a comic book geek. But I figure I have this floor to speak and well I guess I should use it to talk comics! More reviews and thoughts on all these amazing magical books that I have collected over the years. The only thing is though, part of me wants to cover the indy comics, give light to those who need and share my with you guys, help out friends here as well. But I really enjoy the big company books, like Marvel and DC Comics and hell even stuff from Image and Dark Horse. So the only question is, what do I first?

So I am going to start off with this bad boy that I just finished a few weeks ago, Earth X! From Marvel, by the incredible team of Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and John Paul Leon, Earth X is based in an alternative future for the Marvel universe, but with many elements ground in the early days of Marvel to help paint a creative and different kind of future. How different? Well for one, everyone on the planet has now gained some form of super power and/or mutation. So how good is a super hero when everyone is super? Powers never defined heroes in the first place though, and it shows us here very early on with Captain America. Literally wearing the red, white and blue across his chest, we see that Rogers is still fighting for that old world, but he is older and tired from all the wars, when does it stop? We see an older and fatter Spider-man, who has a daughter who has taken the mantle as city web swinger. We see the Inhumans, looking for a lost member of the royal family in a world much similar to their own. Everyone you know and love has been altered in some shape or form in this world, and everyone is trying to find their own explanation to all of this. All the while, Machine Man has been tasked by a blind Watcher to take up his role and be witness to what will happen next to this new Earth. 

The imagination of this book alone is reason to check it out, but this story is absolutely incredible! The scale of things grows each chapter, and it always awesome to see what has happened to all our favourite Marvel heroes and villains! I can't believe it took me this long to finally get this book but I am glad I did! As a story, Earth X is one that gets you reading and reading, just to find out what's going on and to see what's going to happen next. That being said, while the art is strong, it's not the best looking book I have seen. The character designs by Ross are incredible though, I guess it would have been too much to ask to have him draw the entire book as well. But the art does work really well for the story, it never becomes a problem, a lot of great panel work and some incredible splash pages as well. All in all, it makes for an incredible epic that all comic book fans should take a look at, it's a reminder on why we love comics in the first place. I know the story continues in Paradise X and Universe X, but strictly as a stand alone book, Earth X should be part of everyone's collection. 

So there you have it, my review on Earth X. I could go into depth on each issue and each character, behind the symbolisms of each characters design and purpose in this world, but it would take a whole blog for each character, not to mention massive massive spoilers to those who have yet to read it. But I also have a busy day ahead of me, going to be working late getting ready for Pride week and also going to be watching my team, Chile play against the Netherlands! I can't wait for that! Well let me know what you think of Earth X and what kind of book you want me to look at next, I've got tons to choose from, so comment below! Much love to you all, and keep chasing the storm. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

To Victory!

Storm note: Should have posted this a bit more earlier...whatever it's 2014.


Wow! Holy beans Batman! We did it. Chile eliminated Spain from the World Cup. This is a thing now, it's a part of history and yeah in terms of futbol, this is a big deal! I mean any win for Chile in these tournaments is a big deal, the people celebrate and party until the next day. But beating Spain, the previous champions and who have beaten us in the last ten encounters we have had against them, well damn, that is something to savor. And hey I will be the first to admit that Chile is not the best country in terms of futbol, we are known for our wines, mines and well our fantastic artist and poets. So to be able to say we toppled the kings, well it's an amazing feeling. I will say this though, this is a different team then the one that won in South Africa four years ago, everyone can see that, and maybe the crown was too heavy on these heads. With an awful first game against Holland, a rematch from the last tournaments championship, you could tell that Spain was shook. How does something like that even happen? I felt bad just watching that game. So going into this game, I didn't what to expect, no one did, but man I am I happy for this outcome.

Not only did Chile keep Spain off the score sheet, we managed to score twice and those were some pretty sweet goals if you ask me. These will be the goals that Chileans will be talking about for ages! And you know what though, I still remember when Spain beat Chile in the last tournament, I will never forget Spain's first goal on us, the Chilean goalie was all the way up in the field like almost at the centre and then the Spanish striker steals the ball and kicks it in from a very far away distance. It was brutal. So yeah I am going to remember this victory really well and enjoy it as well. I feel bad that Spain was eliminated, but hey, it's the way she goes. And with the way things usually go, Chile will face Brazil next round and get eliminated. This is a thing, I have seen it twice already in two different World Cup tournaments. So I am going to enjoy Monday's game against Netherlands, regardless if we win or if we lose and just enjoy what's left of Chilean futbol on the big screen. And hey, I could be wrong as well. We could see something more from La Roja, we did eliminate Spain, anything is possible. 

I don't even know or care...this is greatness in a picture.

Thank you again guys for reading, and at the end of the day, lets all enjoy some World Cup futbol right? It's a great and fun tournament, let's not get salty and bitter and stuff. I got plenty more in store, so stay tuned guys and if you want comment below and I will get back to you. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

Storm Vlogs: Back from the Big Apple

So I totally forgot to plug this last week, but I did do this thing here! A new video Vlog! Back from New York City, basically a visual component to recapping my trip and I get to show you guys what I got over that weekend!

So give it a view, maybe like it, subscribe if you want and tell your friends as well! Thanks again for the support and love, plenty more in store, keep chasing the storm!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A New York Storm of Mind... (Part 2)

Back and back again! So where was I last time...? 

Right, the Special Edition Comic Con in New York City! Man, it was a really awesome crowd, you guys that came out this weekend really love your comics and love your artwork, and we really appreciate all the love we got for our works. A lot of creative commissions were created as well, including the awesome sketch shoe idea, there was also original characters drawn and even a few anime characters drawn up as well. And the amount of great travel at the show as well was an incredible experience to see as well, newcomers and professionals alike shared the floor room and it was just an incredible experience to take a part in. But as the show was coming to an end on Saturday, I was looking forward to going out and seeing more of the city, and trying out some New York unique food. 

We decided to hit up Shake Shack, according to the masses this is the best burger joint in the town. According to some our New York guides, it wasn't that good but since we were here anyways, might as well try it out. We didn't wait too long though, about ten minutes to get through the crowd and order up our burgers. I decided to go all out and get the Smoke Shack burger, which was a spicy based kind of burger. I am not the best with spices, most of  the time I will avoid it if I can. But that being said, this was a damn good burger. The best burger I have ever had? Not really. But I will say it is worth a try at least once if you are in town and looking to try out some unique burgers. We decided to hit up some pubs afterwards and watch some World Cup futbol and have a few drinks. I am aware of a lot of the controversy surrounding this current World Cup, but I got to say, man this is really the best time to watch some good futbol games. With plenty of food and drinks in our bellies, we set off back to the boat to get ready for our last day in the big city. 

I am going to blame this on the drinks, but I had a feeling that the boat was a bit more rockier then usually on Sunday morning. Never the less, we packed up and made our way to the show. This day was more quite though, and I guess it makes sense if you take into account that it was Father's Day and all. But still, we got a lot of people coming in and getting some artwork and I decided to take the time and see some of the sights and maybe get a few more things to bring back home. I found a lot of cheap comics, $2 for variant copies and blank covers, which include the Skottie Young variant for Angela's first appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. I also went to Midtown Comics and got the J.Scott Campbell exclusive variant for Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl as well, it's really cool to get my hands on these especially. I went to look for some blind boxes as well, gathering a lot of these for mine and Toby's YouTube show, What Chu Got There. I found some How to Train Your Dragon 2 vinyl figures, and I even grabbed a horror icon blind box for my sister as well. I went around and got rid of all my $1 American bills, I don't know how you guys to it down there, but I managed to find some more copies of Batman: The Dark Knight, the issues with the Scarecrow. I went over my general disappointment with that run, particularly in the end, but hey, it looks amazing for sure. So after an awesome time at the show, we decided to hit the town, one last time and get some last minute purchases, which includes for me some Vinylmation figures and a Flounder plushie. I am one step closer to being Ariel people. One day.

But as you know, we had to get back on the road and back home to Canada. Needless to say, this trip was an incredible experience. To all my friends in the States, you guys have a lovely place and an incredible city, a lot to be proud of for sure. And I know me and all my art brothers are ready to come back and see more of  the States. I really hope I can come back for the October show, I hear it's pretty legendary! But there you have it guys, my first time to New York City, a trip I will never forget. But it's back to work for me here in Toronto, a lot of work and projects to do, so I can't stop! Nor should you, keep at it and never stop working for what you want! Keep chasing the storm!

Monday, 16 June 2014

A New York Storm of Mind... (Part 1)

Back and back again!

Holy cow guys, what an awesome weekend I just had. Granted my sleep and eating habits are something that needs more fixing especially after being on the road that long, and sleeping on a boat as well. But it was worth it, and I honestly can't wait to do it again! As always though, I got to give a big thank you to the great crowds that came out this weekend to Special Edition Comic Con, it would be nothing with out you guys. To my travel mates and brothers, Kevin, Vince and Joe. Or as we want to be known as, "The Beauty School Drop-outs". And to our fellow artist next to us in the Artist Alley, wicked getting to know even more and more talent in this big world. But on to the weekend and the many moments it had in store...

Me & Cap'n Sunico.

So it was two nights and three days, but it felt like a week there if not longer. Granted leaving on the Thursday evening and getting to New Jersey in the morning, my senses were all whacked. We did have some wicked breakfast omelette though, really good stuff and we did a walk of the marina as well to kill off sometime before we could move into our boat. When noon came we were able to get settled into our little boat house for the weekend, pretty sweet boat with internet, TV, fridge, two rooms as well. The bathroom was really small though, so we had to use the marina bathroom during our stay, but other than that it was an awesome time on our beauty boat. I got to relax and watch some Machete Kills, the drivers needed to get a few hours of sleep before we could go out and see the city. After a quick nap, we went off to the big apple to see some of the many sights in town, and also to see a certain World Cup game...cough Chile cough. And I guess with some luck we got washed by a massive rain storm (oh hey), so we had to seek shelter and it was almost game time anyway. I will probably write up a little something on La Roja a bit later, I don't want to take up time on that here, but if you must know...we won! So plenty to celebrate after the rain cleared, I even got to do a victory celebration with other Chileans in Time Square. But we got to see all the crazy big stores and enjoyed plenty of food that night, it was hard but we had the show the next morning, so we had to get back to the boat.

Oh hey. Me & Kevin.

Up bright and early and rocking quite a bit, but hey that's a boat for you. We made our way across back to NYC and to the convention centre. After setting up shop and getting breakfast, I was ready to make some sales for my mentors and my brothers. It was an awesome and early crowd at the show on Saturday, some really cool cosplayers as well. I wanted to do some convention exploring but it got really busy with a lot of commission request early coming in and me doing all the print sales. I really hope a lot of you got to enjoy all the original artworks you got, I saw some really killer ones being done, from original characters to Daredevil and Deadpools. We even got the chance to help out in drawing on some blank shoes, a wicked idea for any kind of comicbook show. And hey, even I sold a few copies of the Adventure Time and Pokemon prints, so a big thank you New York, I hope to bring more Storm art next time!

And with that said I am going to make this a two part blog, helps cut the reading and what not, see you guys in part two! Keep chasing the storm!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Storm Vlogs: Back from the Falls (+playlist)

Hey Storm Clouds, a quick heads up as well that I am now trying to do more videos on Youtube as well! So give it a watch, subscribe, like, comment and share with your friends. If you want. It would be pretty sweet of you to be honest.

But yeah, just trying to stay connected with everyone and to spread the CS network as much as possible. Much love and keep chasing the storm!

Back from the Falls

And back! 

Niagara Falls Comic Con came and went by in a flash, a big thank you to everyone who came by the table and picked up some art or some prints, this weekend would be nothing without you guys. And to my Spent Pencils team as well, you guys made a good weekend incredible. Plenty of sketching, selling and drawing all weekend long, but luckily it wasn't all work, there was plenty of play as well. From late night gaming with Mario Kart Double Dash to actually going to see the Falls this year, we totally missed that last time, I can't complain. And to top it all off, we got an awesome bbq from fellow SP artist and family, Oliver. A big thank you to you man and your family for having all of us there. 

Want to give some shout outs to the people who came by and got a commission or one of my sketch covers (it's one of a kind and it's all yours now). I got to say it's a honour to meet you guys and to have that kind of love given back for me and my art, so a big thank you. To new followers and old followers alike, anything you need from me, you just ask away. Anything you want to see me draw, let me know. I wouldn't be here without you guys, so let the Storm know what he can create. 

And what would a show be without a few pictures. A few amazing cosplayers and memories with friends as well...


Bow down to the Elves! 

Saga! <3

Zombie commission!

I know a Predator. 

Times change...sometimes. :P

I will post the rest of my pictures on my Tumblr blog, which you can follow over here. I am really looking forward to doing this show next year, lots of love for Niagara, you guys are great! And remember to keep it locked here on Storm Watch for more news and updates and on the next show or event that I will be doing this Spring and Summer. Keep chasing the storm!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Fight for Stanley

I was really wrestling with this blog idea, because I feel that this is strictly an opinion on what I think is going to go down and really at the end of the day, maybe I am just a geek. Not completely a hockey geek, just a geek. But damn it, I have my opinions and I want to voice them today before the puck drops tonight for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. This is a pretty hype moment of the year, it always is regardless on how far away the Maple Leafs are from this picture. History is made, a new champion or a dynasty can take place, and really this is the series where anything can happen. So I wanted to give my opinions on both teams playing tonight, and maybe give my verdict on the winner, maybe. I am a Leafs fan, so my judgement isn't the best, just a heads up.

The Los Angeles Kings:

Oh man, these guys broke my heart when they knocked off my mistress team in the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, but that aside this team is looking incredible! The amount of fight in them is insane to see, from there come back against the Sharks, there fight with the Ducks and knocking off the defending Stanley Cup champions as well. So much fight in this team. When people want to describe a team that doesn't give up, these guys. And the amount of scoring from all the lines, it's what everyone wants from there team. The Kings are playing to win, and with the Stanley Cup experience in their back pockets, who can deny this team a championship?

The New York Rangers:

Kings meet the King. Henrik Lundqvist. This man needs a Stanley Cup to solidify his career, not only in New York but in the pages of history. And the Rangers have had quite a journey to get the final stage, taking out a rival in the Flyers, overcoming Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, then beating the Montreal Canadiens in the conference finals. And while the entire team has yet to play to their abilities, the guys who have been leaders have helped carry the team all the way here. But it's going to take a team effort to get over the Kings, but if Lundqvist shuts the door down then the Rangers have a chance to redo 1994 all over again.

But regardless who wins the 2013-2014 Stanley Cup this year, a big congrats to both teams, your cities should be proud. I don't really care who wins, honestly if they go to seven games I will feel like the winner. It's going to be an awesome series regardless, I can't wait to see history tonight. But that's my look on both these teams, what about you? Who do you think is going to take home the glory? Let me know in the comments below, I will see you guys later, til then keep chasing the storm! 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Human Lizard Rules Toronto...

Human-Lizard pin up by Jason Loo.

A quick disclaimer before I begin this comic book review, that I will be reviewing this book based on my experience reading the book. I say this because as a Toronto artist and comic illustrator, I am so proud and happy to know Jason Loo. The fact that this book is in my hands and in the hands of plenty of others all across the country and the globe, well that is incredible. This is the kind of work I want to be able to do and to be able to reach as many as possible. We are both huge fans of Seven Lives Tacos as well, it is our bond. So that being said, time to let you guys know, what The Pitiful Human-Lizard is all about.

So the basic plot...

"The Pitiful Human-Lizard is a new comic book series created by cartoonist Jason Loo. The story follows corporate lackey Lucas Barrett who finds excitement outside his 9-to-5 job as a struggling superhero. The debut issue is a grounded underdog story that takes place in the city of Toronto. It's a new, comical approach on a superhero who is uniquely Canadian." 

That is of course the most basic and spoiler free description of the book.

The book is just so much more then that though, with an amazing pace and page flow with the ability to make you laugh all the while delivering an incredibly classic comic book story. The different relationships that take place for Lucas/Human-Lizard is amazing, from stronger heroes to the locals of Toronto or his work or even his parents, the book shows all these different relationships and how he reacts with everyone. The progress of these relationships flow and change through the book, to being practical invisible to most all the way to being the next big hero for kids all over Toronto. The Human Lizard doesn't go from zero to hero completely though, and he still has a lot to learn himself, which gives the readers so much to look forward to in the next issues. And while Human Lizard is doing well, Lucas still hasn't landed a date or gained any kind of respect at work. Needless to say I am very interested in what's going to happen next. 

I highly recommend this book to fans of independent and super hero comics alike, especially fans of Spider-man and The Spirit. And while Spider-man has died and come back to life, it's been a long time since I've gotten a good laugh with one of his books. Something that Human-Lizard was able to do plenty of times, from a late night brawl with a harmless hot dog vendor to the ring tone of the boss in Lucas department. And with plenty of different locations of Toronto used, it makes for an awesome back drop, with locations like the club district and the Royal Ontario Museum making an appearance, plenty of sights to see. Another thing to look forward to is where will the lizard be next. 

Human-Lizard pin up by Vince Sunico.

With the amount of anticipation that I had for this book, I am so glad it delivered. It's been awhile since I've had fun reading a comic book, and it's great to know this is from a local Toronto talent. So to everyone in the GTA, go out and get this book at your local comic book store now, it is more then worthy to be part of your collection. Also be sure to stay tuned and like The Pitiful Human-Lizard Facebook Page as well to keep track of all Human-Lizard news, not to mention Jason Loo will be at many different locations signing copies of the book, so be sure to be there. 

That's all the time I've got for today guys, be sure to follow and comment below here and let me know what you thought of The Pitiful Human-Lizard or give me suggestions on other great comic books that I should be taking a look at. I will try and do a book review atleast once a week, especially with Fan Expo coming at the end of the summer, it will let you know what books are worth your time and money. Thanks again for your time, and keep chasing the storm. 

La Kill La...

Anime, am I right? In the current day of geek fandom one can't resist to fall in and out of love with anime, at first I thought I would out grow it but over the years I have grown to love many new and plenty of the classic ones I grew up with. And now with the beauty of Netflix, watching an entire season has never been easier. Hell I remember collecting the DVD's and waiting for the release dates on different series and what not. Times have changed indeed. So with that said, I have currently gotten a chance to sit back and finally watch a few episodes of one of the bigger names in the anime world, Kill La Kill. I heard a lot about this one, good stuff, bad stuff and a lot of it's kind of an anime for Otaku perverts. And while that last statement may be true, I still wanted to give this one a look. Kill La Kill was often compared to one of my favourite animes of all time, Gurren Lagann. To me that is a really big deal, I remember watching Gurren Lagaan and loving every second of it, and even the second part of the series remains just as good watching all the cosmic robot goodness. But after 5 episodes, where do I stand on Kill La Kill...?

Well first off, for those who have no idea what Kill La Kill is...

"Kill la Kill (キルラキル Kiru ra Kiru?) is an anime television series produced byTrigger. It follows vagrant schoolgirl Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father's killer, which brings her into violent conflict with the iron-fisted student council president of Honnouji Academy, Satsuki Kiryuin, and her mother's fashion empire."

So that's the plot there, Ryuko comes in looking for a fight and some answers and ends up in a crazy whirlwind of fights and uniforms with different crazy abilities and powers. In that way the show delivers really well, with crazy visuals and over the top fight scenes that anime is known for, I absolutely loved what I have seen so far, and I know it's only going to get better and better, and honestly I can't wait. The obvious "elephant in the room" is the over the top sexual content in the show, so let's get it out of the way. Yes it is there, is it the most important part of the show, no, by no means. Do they try and get some laughs, yeah and honestly some of the gags are pretty funny. The home room teacher seems to be a running gag for female fan service, bizarre yes but it works in this crazy world. At the end of the day, this is anime. It's crazy over the top entertainment, and it delivers big...well atleast so far.

But I am loving it so far, enough that it got me thinking on maybe doing episode per episode recap blogs. The trouble with that being is that it would have plenty of spoilers, so maybe I can do that later on in the year or after my first viewing. Let me know what you guys think, if you would like to see that.

That's all the time I got for now though, doing some more writing tonight as well, got to get ready for the big show this weekend at the Niagara Falls Comic Con, which is going to be an awesome weekend show, looking forward to the big crowds and the experience. Remember to comment below and subscribe to the page, I will be updating as much as I possibly can. Keep chasing the storm! 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Falls to the Con...

Hey Storm Clouds, a heads up and all to everyone who will be going to the Niagara Comic Con this weekend, me the ChileanStorm will be at the show with the fantastic talent of Spent Pencils on hand as well at the artist alley. So if you are looking for some unique art and/or you need to get some awesome Adventure Time prints, I am your man! I also have a lot of my sketch covers available, from $20 to $40 each, and I will throw in a free print of mine as well with the purchase! If you want commissions done as well, let me know and I can have it ready for you! 

So be sure to check us out as we will be there all weekend long, ready to meet and greet with new and old fans alike. I've got some possible new prints in the work as well that I want to have ready for the show. Stay tuned y'all and keep chasing the storm! 

Kill the Fame...

So this past Saturday night, I got to check out the latest line of clothing coming out from Toronto based clothing line, Fame Kills. The brand takes the image and the idea of celebrity obsession to the next heights, by using the images of the young and famous who passed away early, live young die fast kind of lifestyle. It also uses the idea of what and why we purchase certain items, is it because of the famous people who wear that clothing or because it is something we actually like. Needless to say, a very cool concept and a great new collection that was launched. It was packed house over at Studio Bar, with a very cool and creative collection of paintings surrounding the place, plenty of people talking over the beats eager to see what the next collection would have in store.

And as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so check it out...

An awesome night it was, tons of beautiful people and a great vibe. I want to say congrats to Fame Kill on the success of the 2nd show here, I am looking forward to getting a shirt or two myself, love Shia Labeouf tee a lot. A big shout out to my friend, Nico, who was one of the models at the show, loving the beard man. If you get a chance guys, check these guys out down under these links, give them a follow and/or a like and keep track of what's next...

So that's all the time I got for now, be sure to take a look back at some of my older posts, tell your friends, tweets this, comment below as well and follow this page. I am going to do my best to keep this update and all that good stuff, got a lot to talk about, so stay tuned and keep chasing the storm.

Me & Sarah Rose be fabulous...your welcome. <3