Saturday, 26 July 2014

Theory of Bats

Doing my best Miller Batman face.

A big happy birthday to one of the greatest characters and series in comic book history, if you didn't know Batman is celebrating 75 years in the business. That being said, who doesn't love Batman? I mean seriously, he has some of the best characters, best villains, best moments, best stories, best cartoons and best movies. And sure he had one of the worst movies to his title as well, but does anyone really give a crap now in days about the disaster that was the Batman & Robin film? I know for me, I grew up on Batman. I would watch the cartoon religiously, I would watch and be so intrigued by the colourful cast from Gotham and Arkham. And in the later years I would pick up all the different books, I read as Batman would be broken in two by the ruthless Bane, seeing Joker get beaten to a pulp but being able to live another day, the mystery that was Hush, the battles with Two-Face and Penguin, the hallucinations of fear from the Scarecrow. I loved this world and the many different stories that we have seen in all these years. And something that was always in the back of my mind, was the concept on how all the villains in Batman truly define him. How you ask, well check this list out and see if I am on to something here...

The Joker (Chaos): Let's get this guy out of the way first. The Joker is the polar opposite of Batman, pretty much in any way possible. Granted with have seen as many Jokers as we have Batsuits, but the general idea has always been chaos, disorder and murder. Joker loves to shoot people, Batman doesn't use guns (except in special moments, Final Crisis). Joker will kill anyone, Batman will save anyone. The bond they have has been a great part of Joker's obsession with the dark knight. When does it end? When Batman succumbs to Jokers way and puts the clown out of his misery for good. But Batman is better then that, and thus will continue to always stop the Joker, no matter what without death in the cards. 

Scarecrow (Fear): Another one that is very obvious in the way of connecting with his foe, both Batman and the Scarecrow are masters of fear in Gotham. But while Batman uses his abilities to stop and prevent crime, Dr.Crane has an obsession with seeing and feeling fear in every single way possible. He wants to see what fears are in the minds of others, he wants to fall asleep to the screams and cries of everyone in Gotham. The Scarecrow has become one of the most dangerous foes in Arkham by finding more and more ways to control and scare others, he has the ability to scare others into taking their own lives. And while Scarecrow over the years has tasted his own fear toxic, it made him more sick and more frantic, becoming almost fearless, with the exception being Batman. And in a twisted way, Scarecrow wouldn't have it any other way.

Bane (Pain): Practically every other villain before Bane had tested Bane more mentally then physically, with the obvious exceptions being Killer Croc and Clayface, but for the most part there was no one who could really deliver a beating to Batman. Until Bane. But it wasn't just because of his venom increased strength, it was the timing and strategy, waiting for Batman after a long night trying to put all the inmates back into Arkham Asylum and finally putting the bat out of his misery. Up to that point, you could say Batman was untouchable in Gotham, it was Bane who really brought the beating and the pain to Batman physically like no enemy since. Bane is still a foe to be weary of, with a sharp mind and ungodly strength, the dark knight is no longer free of pain. 

Catwoman (Love): With the amount of times these two have seen each other, teamed up, revealed secrets, I would say this is the best example of true love in the crime fighting life of Batman. Now that is not to say Selena Kyle is a good girl, by no means, but Batman has a lot of respect and trust for her, even if she tends to walk the thin line of good and bad methods or choices. In a lot of ways, she can do no wrong, no matter what happens Batman will always be there for her. I get the feeling he would love to have her quit being Catwoman, but that is never going to happen, she is still needed in many ways in Gotham. Even if that means taking a little bit from those on the top. Hey, a girl has got to have hobbies. 

Poison Ivy (Lust): Attraction and lust are things that are part of all of us, some of use choose to be wild about it and others can keep it in check. But as stone cold as Batman can be at times, even he can't resist Poison Ivy. And can you blame him? I love Ivy, she is always made as the most gorgeous siren in all of Gotham and hell even in the entire DC universe of comics. Sorry about that Wonder Woman. But I wonder, does Batman let himself go wild because of her, the constant fighting and fighting must take a toll on him and maybe that weariness makes him easily seduced. Who wouldn't want to be taken by Poison Ivy? Could you resist? 

Harley Quinn (Obsession): Harley is many things; insane, cute, crazy, dangerous and mostly obsessed. Her love and affection for The Joker turned her into one of the most difficult foes for Batman. Even when fighting her, Batman sees a girl who is in love and unaware that for the most part, she is being used and manipulated. That kind of dedication and obsession is similar to Batman in the way he never stops fighting for Gotham, fighting to save others of a tragedy that happened to him many years ago. With Harley now far and away from The Joker, Batman has one less worry. But old flames don't go out easily. 

Riddler (Knowledge): The world's greatest detective for a reason, with a foe like The Riddler, you need to be. Whenever you need proof on the smarts and brain power behind Batman, look no further then The Riddler. He battles with the mind of Batman constantly, it seems like a game they both enjoy to take part in, however Nigma has been raising the stakes always higher and higher. But to this day, he hasn't found a puzzle that could stump Batman, and thus continues to challenge him to more and more games of wits and knowledge. 

Penguin (Greed): For everything that the Penguin has, Batman has probably twice if not much more then our bird looking foe. But with Bruce Wayne you see him constantly giving and using his money to help others through his company and as Batman. The Penguin wants it all, the city and everything in the skies and sea. With the wealth of the Cobblepot family, he could give up the life of crime, but why quit when you can have more. In another world, Bruce Wayne could have turned out like the greedy old Penguin. 

Two-Face (Justice): One of the tragedies in the career of Batman, in a very twisted way Two-Face still seeks to dish out Justice. While Batman chooses to stop crime, Two-Face does so swiftly and through murder. They both want the same thing, just very different ways of delivering justice to the lowlifes in Gotham. And while Dent will never be the same physically and mentally, Batman still has some respect left for the man who was known as the White Knight of Gotham. 

Hush (Identity): One of the famous quotes of Batman is of course, "I am Batman". But if you ever want Batman to doubt himself or his identity, well then you get Hush. A man who is part mystery, part ghost of the past and at times an identity thief. I always enjoyed that in Batman: Hush, you never really had a clear idea about who was who at anytime, Hush could have been anyone. Every now and then we always need to remember who we are, or be lost in the world.

So I know that there are tons and tons of other villains, but I need to sleep to you know, I am no night bat. Although that would be something wouldn't, even to be on a ride along with Batman, how cool would that be? But I am really happy to do a little something to celebrate Batman, and I know we only got tons and tons of great stories to be told, and I can't wait. So a big cheers, and to the next 75 years of darkness, insanity and justice! Keep chasing the storm! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Sweet Angel of Mine...

Sister Angela?! Say word! 

Some secrets, am I right? With the current big event going on in Marvel now, Original Sin, more then a few beans are being spilled all across the Marvel universe, and all the old and classic characters that we know and love now have plenty new surprises. An interesting take of course, and each team and character is going through and dealing with the secrets, in the case of Thor, he just found out that he has a long lost sister and the existence of the Tenth Realm. Oh and his sister fought Spawn. That's right, Angela is the sister Thor and Loki never knew. So what does this all mean though? And more importantly how important is this story for fans of both the current Thor and Loki series. A big cop out to try and find existence in the big bad red headed angel warrior or the most logical path to make Angela a part of the Marvel universe...?

The story begins with all the heroes gathered and each seeing the hidden secrets through the explosion of the Watcher's eye. Needless to say, most heroes are stunned, shocked and in disbelief of what they have now seen. We see Thor seeing a battle of the past, Angel warriors fighting Odin and Asgard, the Tenth Realm and of course, Angela. Leaving the others and the battlefield behind, Thor goes to confront the All-Mother, Freyja, who is the current ruling leader in Asgard. With the secret out, Thor is warned however on finding this lost realm and seeking out his sister. So if you are going to break the rules you may as well bring Loki along for the ride, after all Loki is still trying to fight his fate in becoming the old and mean looking Loki, the classic one before he got all pretty. That story is fresh out the pages of Loki: Agent of Asgard, which I highly suggest fans of Young Avengers to definitely check out. So with that both brothers set out to find Angela and have a long overdue family reunion. Unfortunately for them, the old and mean Loki is stirring up trouble below, so you can expect this to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

For the story that is being told here, you have to be really careful how you tell it. I mean regardless I am sure more then a few people are up and arms over this in some way or another, so it could be anyone and the opinion would be the same. But take from me, I have read plenty of the current Thor series and I am big fan of Loki: Agent of Asgard, so it is great to see that both Jason Aaron and Al Ewing have a hand in this book to make the follow of the story go smoothly. I think any other writer would have had a bit more trouble trying to tie everything together, but this feels like the next issue from either one of the series writers. I said it again, with this kind of massive plot twist it would be easy to drop the ball, but Aaron and Ewing make sure that doesn't happen. The art in these pages as well have a very familiar look that helps, especially for Loki readers, with Lee Garbett taking care of most of the pages within the book. And he is as great here as well, capturing the perfect look for Asgard and its heroes. A very beautiful surprise from Simone Bianchi can also be found near the end of the book, and all I will say that it is absolutely stunning! With a big and talented team behind this book, I simply can not recommend this book enough to all fans of Thor, Loki and even Angela fans. A lot to see and in my opinion, it is a worthy read and addition to the collection. 

So that brings the question, how do I feel about Angela? To be honest, I don't know Angela. I was a little kid when she first appeared in the pages of Spawn, so I never got around to reading any of those books to see what the big deal was in the first place. Her arrival and the back and forth lawsuit about the character are pretty much all I know, so to be honest, I want to get to know Angela. I think we can all get over the fact that yes she came from an Image Comics title in the 90's, she is never going to bring up anything about Spawn or anything related to that world. She is a new character here, and I think if people give her a chance, they will grow to love this character. So I am totally open to seeing what will be done with Angela. 

So that's my take on the first chapter of this epic tale, you can bet I am looking forward to reading the second part which should be out this week. And I will be reviewing that part for sure, expecting a lot great things and surprises as well. But what about you? Did you read it yet? What do you think about Angela? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to this page and follow me on all the different social media pages. I will be back soon, until then keep chasing the storm. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The White X-House...

So as skeptical as I was about getting the Marvel 100th Anniversary issue of Spider-man, I find myself here again, a new week and the latest part of this possible future line from Marvel and this week I picked up the X-Men take on this leap into the future. This week I went a little X-Men crazy, picking up quite a few issues to catch up on all the stories going on and for a good reason too, the current X-Men books are some of the best stories going on at the moment, so it is a good time to get behind the mutant revolution. In this possible future of the Marvel 100th Anniversary world, we see the worlds first mutant president of the United States of America in Scott Summers, better known as the mutant Cyclops. I would have voted for Toad, but hey, here we are. After years of fighting for mutant rights and the dream of equality, Cyclops has gone from America's most wanted to the man calling the shots. But even in power, the division is strong between those who accept one and other and those who are still filled with hatred for mutant kind and the X-Men. And things go from bad to worse when the first lady, Emma Frost, suddenly disappears from existence. An angry hill-billy mob and a disappearance all in the first day of the X-Men presidential reign, they best have an awesome PR team.

I want to try and keep this a spoiler if as possible, but if I slip up I apologize. But to start I did enjoy this story pace a lot more then the Spider-man issue, it didn't feel as rushed and there was a lot covered in the one issue. That being said, the story did feel a little too similar especially to stories like Endsong or anything having to do with the psychic love triangle in the X-Men. So I didn't get the sense or feeling that this was an X-Men story per say, more like a Cyclops/Emma story with the X-Men in the background. It was interesting to see some of the new characters though, a lot of the students from the current Uncanny X-Men, so if you are a bigger fan of that current title then it does help to give this one a read. So while I would have liked to seen more, I need to remember this one issue compared to the epic scale and size of the Battle of the Atom storyline that went down. And while the story held up, I did feel slightly disappointed with the artwork in this book from Jason Masters. I am not sure what it is exactly, and I hate being mean or disapointed about comic book art, but I don't think this was the right artist for the job. You take a look at the work from all the new X-Men books and the art is top notch, each one compliments the writing and the characters perfectly. And with the theme and idea being that of a future world, I feel like the design team stayed really safe in those terms. Maybe I was expecting hi-tech sentinels or a cool new uniforms for the entire team, I don't know, but I do know that I was expecting much more from this current title. 

Should have been about Logan and Shogo...
So at the end of the day, where does this leave me on the feelings for this book? I have to say, I am a bit more disappointed overall with this one then I was with Spider-man. In the Spider-man book, you had a better presentation of a future world compared to this X-Men world, which seems really tame, and that is weird considering even in the our age, the X-Men seemed to be ahead of most stories and themes. I was also expecting maybe a large scoop as far as the story goes, so it left me really expecting a lot more from this mutant story of the future. If you are collecting all the 100th Anniversary books like me, then you will be getting this book. But if you were curious and you want my honest opinion, you can skip this one for sure. A lot of great potential, but not close in the execution. 

So there you have it guys, you know for sure I will be taking a look at the rest of this collection from Marvel, but so far I think I see an ongoing theme here. Regardless, I still having reading and collecting these books, the life of the comic book geek. I also have other reviews coming up from new releases to old classics as well, so keep it tuned and subscribe here to Storm Watch. Until then guys, keep chasing the storm.

Friday, 18 July 2014

No Big Deal...

I am not saying these are old ideas but... 
Ugh, I hate talking about this kind of relevant and current news stuff. Mainly because everyone is talking and giving their opinions on it and I hate following the crowd, but at the same time, I do have my own opinions on these things as well and I should speak out. Especially on my little corner of speech here on Storm Watch, so with that out of the way, let's get started. So my fellow storm clouds, as you know Marvel dropped the massive spoiler news this week that in October we are going to be seeing some new faces behind our familiar heroes. Now I don't know which got more attention, but we have an all new female Thor and the mantle of Captain America will be taken over by the Falcon, so we will have a black Captain America. And someone is going to take over Tony Starks mind, I think, it is really hinted in the name Superior Iron Man. But that is speculation really at the end of the day. The world of Marvel and that of the Avengers will be a different one for sure. So what do I think of all this big news...?

Honestly, my first thought is, well that would have been an amazing reveal. Now that magic is lost for news and publicity. Is it worth it? Probably. They make news to bring in new readers, not this Chilean geek who goes to the comic book stores like it's church. And honestly, I get that. So while it sucks to have surprises revealed, it's not going to make me any less of a comic book fan.

So what of the characters and the new roles that have been presented...?

Thor: Why is this news? This already happened, years ago, Earth X anyone? (I review that book awhile back, click here for that review) Or even Thor Girl? And even the What If issue with Jane Foster had Mjolnir. This is something I have seen already, so it's not that big of a deal. I think it's awesome though, and she is going to be great to see kicking ass, a female character with such great power, it will be good for young female readers. As for me, I can't wait to see what kind of adventures she will be in, and also who it is holding the legendary hammer. 

Captain America: Patriot anyone? Or what about the entire point of the series, Truth: Red, White & Black. Again, having an African American male take the role of Captain America is not a new idea, so long time comic book fans shouldn't be surprised. However if Chris Evans is the limit of your Cap knowledge, well then yes, this would be a big deal to you. But I think this is going to be really good for the character of Sam Wilson, The Falcon, as the character has been around for a long time and only now is getting some good spotlight. So a big thumbs up to that. 

Iron Man: The fact that this one has not been spoiled completely makes this the most interesting of all the heroes at the moment. Everyone is assuming that Tony Stark will be taken over by something or someone, much like Spider-man was during the run of Superior Spider-man. So it will be interesting to see if Marvel is going to take this approach as well. But who knows, it could be anything or anyone under the armour, so only time will tell. I just hope this can stay a secret. 

So there you have it, my take on the current news of the upcoming new bold direction by Marvel comics. I am a really big Marvel fan, it currently takes up 75% of my new comics and I can't wait to see what they do with these characters. Although the bigger question is, when are we going to get a new Young Avengers book? Well that is my question at least. But what are you guys thinking, do you like these changes or did you want to see something bigger and bolder? Let me know in the comments below. And remember to like and tell your friends about this little blog here, trying to expand here and all that. Until then, keep it tuned here and keep chasing the storm.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Be Awesome...

Toby...basically Flounder but more sassy.
So I am doing some plugging here today in this post, and this one is for a very dear friend of mine, my little twin, Toby. To start off, there aren't enough words to describe this little gentlemen, but he is my ultimate bro, the Finn to my Jake, he is the guy who is always ready to help and ready to make things happen. At this day and age, you don't find many people like that and I for one and some glad to have Toby there for me as my best friend. We both have a long way to go in our art journeys, but I am happy to be there for him. For those of you in the Toronto area, be sure to go down to the Silver Snail, not only will Toby be there drawing and selling some incredible art, he will be joined by the great and talented Kevin Briones and Paul (Becarepaul) Limgenco. So go get some new releases and be sure to take advantage of all the great artist that will be available. But for those of you outside of Toronto and all over the world reading this, let me share with you a collection of Toby's work and all the links so you can follow him and share some love. And be sure to tell your friends as well, spread the word! 

A few examples of Toby's work...

And a collection of various links for you to follow as well...

So be sure to give him a follow and maybe order some art as well while you're at it. Especially if you want some pretty ladies, Toby has got you covered. And don't forget Toronto people, go to Silver Snail tomorrow! And also stay tuned for more art and comic book related posts here on my own little corner of the web. I got to get going though, so stay awesome and keep chasing the storm! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Future Spider...

I am starting to really try and figure out my approach to one-shot stories in comic books. I mean I know going in that it's going to be a one time deal, the story starts and finishes in the same book, and most of the time it will be some side adventure, although I have read a lot of good Annual books that have a big character development that carries over to the main story or something big has an affect on the world. So with that being said, I am scratching my head on how to review last weeks release, part of the Marvel 100th Anniversary series that's going on this month, Spider-man! And off the bat, they give you a run down on what's been going on in the story so far, apparently this is the last issue of an 8 issue story, I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of these being made one day perhaps. But our hero, Peter Parker is arguing with Eddie Brock over the control of the "Techno Symbiote" suit, which means it's like Venom but it gives you control over all technology and in a future world, that's a pretty useful thing to have. But before they can decide who keeps this great power, bam, Kingpin shoots Brock and takes the suit for himself. Not really a spoiler here though guys, this is actually the cover for the book, gives you an idea of what to expect going in.

I will say this much though, this book looks incredible! With artist In-Hyuk Lee pages you see a very cool digital art, which for a story based in the future really works, it makes sense. The futuristic world created is one that seems possible and near, no flying cars in sight but plenty of bright lights and great looking city designs. The ability to control technology with the suit is a big deal here, especially in this kind of world, there is an interesting commentary here on our dependence on technology. The writer Sean Ryan creates a situation that leaves the Kipling in complete control of the entire city and possibly the entire world if left to his own devices. And while this does work for a story and I would have liked to seen more of this world, I am still left wondering on how necessary this book is at the end of the day? What does this do for the Spider-man legend? Even with a massive multiverse Spider-man story coming soon this year, how does this change anything? Was it meant to at all?

I will say that the book looks great and it is a decent read as well, feels a little short but when you only have one issue to tell a story, that will happen. But if you can't afford to get the extra book here and there, you aren't missing out too much. And this applies for the three different Marvel 100th Anniversary books out there, unless you can and you are a die hard fan of said series, no reason to stop you here, a lot cool ideas are presented in a different world with the characters you know and love.Wait for a collection book, that might be coming out in a few months as well. But clearly in my opinion, if you are going to do a one shot comic, make sure it has a lot to give, Superman: Doomed for example was a one shot that set in motion the big events leading to all the current Superman titles. You can tell a bigger story in one issue, you just have to play the cards right.

So that's my take on Marvel 100th Anniversary Spider-man, let me know what you guys thought, did you like it more and why, did you want to see more of this story and it's world? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe, got more comic book reviews coming up and ChileanStorm news and updates as well, so be sure to check it all out. That's all the time I have for today, I will see you guys later on in the week, until then keep chasing the storm!  

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Devil on the Road...

I am huge Daredevil fan, have been since I remember getting into the comic book scene, I always loved his stories and anything Daredevil related. So looking back after reading up Daredevil: Road Warrior, I am left with a bit of a head scratcher in terms of how to review this book for you. So this was a digital only comic that made it's way to print and it follows Daredevil on the road from New York all the way to his new home in San Francisco. And sure travel is great and all if there's a story to be told, it's interesting to see how Matt Murdock's hyper senses react to planes, trains and auto mobiles.  But all things considered, could I really recommended this book...?

Daredevil #0.1 or Daredevil: Road Warrior is written by the current series writer, Mark Waid, who is doing a great job so far with this new located man without fear. So the dialogue and the action all stays in the same flow as the current Marvel Now story. The art is done by Peter Krause, who while not Chris Samnee still is able to capture the same kind of feel and energy from each page. Taking the devil out of Hell's Kitchen doesn't bug me too much, it makes sense as to why it happened and it's a new challenge, can Daredevil exist in another location? I am sure some fans aren't too happy about the move in general, but I am open to new ideas and possibilities, especially if it means trying to find some new adventures and stories. So basically on a book creation kind of way, there is nothing wrong with this issues, if anything it holds up really well on the writing and panel work alone. My problem with the book is the existence of said book. At the end, I was left wondering what this story really told, how much does it matter to the current and past tales of Daredevil, what questions did it answer and is it really worth the cover price? And to these questions, I've got to say, it really doesn't do much of anything.

That's not to say that it's a bad book, it's just a story for the sake of being a story. It's fun and has some great fighting scenes and an interesting concept as well, that given more time and possibly more issues could have been something really cool to see. But as a stand alone issue that doesn't really get you anywhere in general, it's hard to really recommend to the everyday comic book fan. However if you are a huge Daredevil fan, then by all means complete the collection. It is a lot of fun, but those who aren't familiar with Waid's current run of Daredevil, you don't have much reason to pick it up.

So that's my take on this one shot sort of story, I woke up bright and early to do this one before I go to work. The summer is possibly going to change me into a morning guy, might try to do some morning jogs and workouts as well, make the most of my days. But I gotta go get ready, but I will be back with more comic book reviews and ChileanStorm news as the days go by, until then guys keep chasing the storm! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Raccoon is Real...

So off the bat I am going to be very straight up here before I get into this review. I love Skottie Young. As an artist this man has single handily captured my imagination. His ability to create wild and fun pieces that are filled with character is incredible and I can easily say he is the best comic book artist of the modern age and take a spot as one of the greats of all time. Huge fan much? No kidding. His work on the Oz books was incredible, his massive collection of works on the various Marvel variants is amazing and unbelievable, any time he does any kind of work it's a great to see. And if Mr.Young ever gets the chance to read this, I just want to say that everyday I strive to be the kind of artist you are to me to the next generation of up and coming artist, and I won't stop until I get to the top. 

With that said, let's take a look at the latest ongoing Marvel Now series, both written and drawn by the legendary Skottie Young, the out of this world adventures of Rocket Raccoon. 

With the next big movie from Marvel studios getting ready to launch this August, Marvel is feeding the hype meter with various new Guardians of the Galaxy content, from new books to new solo series, like Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon. For those who have no idea about the character, let me give you a basic idea on why he is an awesome comic book character. He is a talking walking raccoon...with guns. Let me rephrase that, massive huge weapons of destruction. A wielding space raccoon, what more do you need to know? He is a member of the galactic hero core known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has a best buddy named Groot, a large talking tree giant. How cool is that? And now starring in his own solo book, he has all the gun shooting and ass kicking you could want in one book, not to mention Rocket is quite the ladies man apparently. Who takes a first date to a wrestling match? Rocket does, that's who. So now that you know the character, let's take a look at the book itself.

If I could say amazing and go get it right away, that would be the end of my blog, because seriously it's amazing and you should totally go get it! I am trying hard not to take into consideration my deep love for Skottie Young and all, but impossible not, especially since he writes and draws this adventure out. This book has a great sense of fun and adventure, a book that doesn't make you feel guilty just for reading it, this kind of feeling is the one that is lost in most Superman books now in days. It's not to say there isn't a mystery going on in the background with Rocket being framed, some possible relatives and how he got into some serious trouble with some very very angry ladies. There's a lot to look forward in the upcoming issues and some elements that will no doubt be tied in with the current run of Guardians of the Galaxy. A visual treat for the eyes, those who have been waiting on a new Skottie Young drawn book, it has been worth the wait. A ton of great expressions, crazy characters, eye popping colour make this the best looking book in the market today. I can't stress this out enough, get this book. If you are tired of the same old from Marvel and DC comics, let them know that you want something different, you want more Skottie Young and more Rocket Raccoon. 

So what do you think? I am a little bit crazy of Skottie Young or am I on to something here? Did you read it and what did you think? Leave your comments below and stay tuned here for more comic book reviews coming up this week. Stay crazy and keep chasing the storm. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hail the Snail!

Storm back from a busy busy week (that's two times busy) and writing out a blog here on this gorgeous Saturday night here in Toronto. What else was I going to do? Okay, so first thing is first, a big and massive thank you to the Silver Snail comics store in the heart of the downtown core for hosting me on Wednesday and Saturday! I can't thank you guys enough for making the time and space for me and my fellow artist on these days and for the rest of the team this July. If you live in the GTA and you haven't been to the Silver Snail, it is a landmark for all comic book fans, check it out as soon as you possibly can. Another big thank goes out to everyone who came by the table and looked at some art, chatted for a bit and hey maybe even got to take home some awesome ChileanStorm one of a kind artwork. Thank you guys so much, I hope you guys enjoy all the silly cool covers and prints, and also be sure to represent with those stickers as well. Let the world know that you going to settle for less, you are a storm now and nothing is impossible. If you want some stickers as well, be sure to get some cool art from me next time you get a chance. 

So I think you guys like Adventure Time. Just a hunch but you guys snagged my latest two covers really quickly, so a heads up next time you see one of my covers that you like, get it fast, cause they sell really quickly. It's great though, cause I love working on these, creating new teams with the Adventure Time casts is always great and getting them in action, such a blast! I am working on new Adventure Time mash up prints as well, so be sure to get those as soon as you can as well, at Fan Expo they could go very quickly. But a big thank you as well to all the storm clouds who got some original on the spot art from me as well, I had a blast drawing everything from Doctor Doom to even a superhero Lego battle.

So as you may or may not know, I love getting swag or picking up new comics and what not, and being at the Snail, there was plenty that I wanted to take home. But I ended up settling with a few copies of Rocket Raccoon (support Skottie, review blog coming soon), two Adventure Time DVD's, a Jake the Dog hat and a Doctor Who vinyl figure, of the 11th Doctor, my personal favourite Doctor so far. There was a lot of blind boxes from Kid Robot that I wanted to grab as well, but I figured me and Toby need to actually open a few of the ones we already have before I get some more.  The life of a geek, beautiful thing ain't it.

Well that was one part of my busy week, I got some commission work to get cracking on and going into the shop as well, and plenty of comic book blogs coming up guys, don't you worry. By all means comment below, send or share with friends and keep it tuned here for more ChileanStorm related news. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada, Frig Yes!

That's right, frig. It's a Canadian thing for those who don't know, from a cult classic TV series we got here, Trailer Park Boys. The term "frig" comes from my favourite character on the show, Randy, a former male prostitute who loves cheeseburgers and doesn't wear shirts, he also has a massive hairy gut and is in a relationship with a drunken trailer park supervisor. You just can't find TV like that anywhere you look. One of the many things I love about this great nation that I live in, Canada. And it being Canada Day and all, I want to let you guys know, especially my readers from else where in the world, why I love my home of Canada and why you should totally come for a visit! 

I get asked a lot on where I was born, and here is my answer so you know. I was born here in Toronto, Canada. I have no background though from Canada, that is all Chilean, thus you know being ChileanStorm and all that. But I am so proud to also be a Canadian, extremely proud and grateful as well. Canada is a country that not only took in my parents, but also many Chileans looking for an opportunity to start a new life after our home was destroyed by the military dictatorship. I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for Canada, this country has taught me many lessons, to be polite but to be strong, to work hard for your goals and helps those around you. Canada embodies all of these traits. There are so many things we may take for granted here that we should really be grateful for, from library access to freedom of speech and identity, we have the right to be the person we truly want to be. And you know we have a lot of work ahead of us still to make Canada even better and to keep our great white North, strong and free. That means voting people, that means standing up for our rights and others, that means love in the face of ignorance and hatred. This our country, let's make it a great one. 

But why come to Canada? What should I see if I do end up going? That's a big question, because there are many reasons why you should come to Canada, plenty of festivals going on, great beer, amazing beautiful people all around, hockey, the amazing forest and wild life up North, the unique styles of Quebec, the ocean and the mountains out in British Columbia, Toronto is an incredible city (the centre of the universe, just ask the rest of Canada) and plenty more and more. If you do come here, you have got to try some heart clogging goodness of poutine, and if your heart rate doesn't slow down after eating, it wasn't Canadian enough. We also have really awesome Smoked Meat sandwiches and Beaver Tails, as well as plenty of coffee and doughnuts. Also something to know, Canadians party hard! If you have a big hockey game on and said city team wins in the playoffs, you will party until dawn. Speaking of hockey, we got plenty to see here from the NHL to OHL, AHL and plenty of other leagues around the country. And while the Maple Leafs are due a Stanley Cup, hopefully soon or at least once before I bite the bullet, when they do win (and they will), it is going to be an incredible party!

Doesn't get anymore Canadian then this.
But that's all the time I've got for now, going to be doing another blog later tonight, but giving you guys a heads up for tomorrow, I will be at Silver Snail sketching all day and selling some amazing art! So tell your friends and family, come down and take some awesome art home! Until then, party hard but be safe and a very happy Canada to everyone! Keep chasing the