Friday, 25 July 2014

Sweet Angel of Mine...

Sister Angela?! Say word! 

Some secrets, am I right? With the current big event going on in Marvel now, Original Sin, more then a few beans are being spilled all across the Marvel universe, and all the old and classic characters that we know and love now have plenty new surprises. An interesting take of course, and each team and character is going through and dealing with the secrets, in the case of Thor, he just found out that he has a long lost sister and the existence of the Tenth Realm. Oh and his sister fought Spawn. That's right, Angela is the sister Thor and Loki never knew. So what does this all mean though? And more importantly how important is this story for fans of both the current Thor and Loki series. A big cop out to try and find existence in the big bad red headed angel warrior or the most logical path to make Angela a part of the Marvel universe...?

The story begins with all the heroes gathered and each seeing the hidden secrets through the explosion of the Watcher's eye. Needless to say, most heroes are stunned, shocked and in disbelief of what they have now seen. We see Thor seeing a battle of the past, Angel warriors fighting Odin and Asgard, the Tenth Realm and of course, Angela. Leaving the others and the battlefield behind, Thor goes to confront the All-Mother, Freyja, who is the current ruling leader in Asgard. With the secret out, Thor is warned however on finding this lost realm and seeking out his sister. So if you are going to break the rules you may as well bring Loki along for the ride, after all Loki is still trying to fight his fate in becoming the old and mean looking Loki, the classic one before he got all pretty. That story is fresh out the pages of Loki: Agent of Asgard, which I highly suggest fans of Young Avengers to definitely check out. So with that both brothers set out to find Angela and have a long overdue family reunion. Unfortunately for them, the old and mean Loki is stirring up trouble below, so you can expect this to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

For the story that is being told here, you have to be really careful how you tell it. I mean regardless I am sure more then a few people are up and arms over this in some way or another, so it could be anyone and the opinion would be the same. But take from me, I have read plenty of the current Thor series and I am big fan of Loki: Agent of Asgard, so it is great to see that both Jason Aaron and Al Ewing have a hand in this book to make the follow of the story go smoothly. I think any other writer would have had a bit more trouble trying to tie everything together, but this feels like the next issue from either one of the series writers. I said it again, with this kind of massive plot twist it would be easy to drop the ball, but Aaron and Ewing make sure that doesn't happen. The art in these pages as well have a very familiar look that helps, especially for Loki readers, with Lee Garbett taking care of most of the pages within the book. And he is as great here as well, capturing the perfect look for Asgard and its heroes. A very beautiful surprise from Simone Bianchi can also be found near the end of the book, and all I will say that it is absolutely stunning! With a big and talented team behind this book, I simply can not recommend this book enough to all fans of Thor, Loki and even Angela fans. A lot to see and in my opinion, it is a worthy read and addition to the collection. 

So that brings the question, how do I feel about Angela? To be honest, I don't know Angela. I was a little kid when she first appeared in the pages of Spawn, so I never got around to reading any of those books to see what the big deal was in the first place. Her arrival and the back and forth lawsuit about the character are pretty much all I know, so to be honest, I want to get to know Angela. I think we can all get over the fact that yes she came from an Image Comics title in the 90's, she is never going to bring up anything about Spawn or anything related to that world. She is a new character here, and I think if people give her a chance, they will grow to love this character. So I am totally open to seeing what will be done with Angela. 

So that's my take on the first chapter of this epic tale, you can bet I am looking forward to reading the second part which should be out this week. And I will be reviewing that part for sure, expecting a lot great things and surprises as well. But what about you? Did you read it yet? What do you think about Angela? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to this page and follow me on all the different social media pages. I will be back soon, until then keep chasing the storm.