Sunday, 20 July 2014

The White X-House...

So as skeptical as I was about getting the Marvel 100th Anniversary issue of Spider-man, I find myself here again, a new week and the latest part of this possible future line from Marvel and this week I picked up the X-Men take on this leap into the future. This week I went a little X-Men crazy, picking up quite a few issues to catch up on all the stories going on and for a good reason too, the current X-Men books are some of the best stories going on at the moment, so it is a good time to get behind the mutant revolution. In this possible future of the Marvel 100th Anniversary world, we see the worlds first mutant president of the United States of America in Scott Summers, better known as the mutant Cyclops. I would have voted for Toad, but hey, here we are. After years of fighting for mutant rights and the dream of equality, Cyclops has gone from America's most wanted to the man calling the shots. But even in power, the division is strong between those who accept one and other and those who are still filled with hatred for mutant kind and the X-Men. And things go from bad to worse when the first lady, Emma Frost, suddenly disappears from existence. An angry hill-billy mob and a disappearance all in the first day of the X-Men presidential reign, they best have an awesome PR team.

I want to try and keep this a spoiler if as possible, but if I slip up I apologize. But to start I did enjoy this story pace a lot more then the Spider-man issue, it didn't feel as rushed and there was a lot covered in the one issue. That being said, the story did feel a little too similar especially to stories like Endsong or anything having to do with the psychic love triangle in the X-Men. So I didn't get the sense or feeling that this was an X-Men story per say, more like a Cyclops/Emma story with the X-Men in the background. It was interesting to see some of the new characters though, a lot of the students from the current Uncanny X-Men, so if you are a bigger fan of that current title then it does help to give this one a read. So while I would have liked to seen more, I need to remember this one issue compared to the epic scale and size of the Battle of the Atom storyline that went down. And while the story held up, I did feel slightly disappointed with the artwork in this book from Jason Masters. I am not sure what it is exactly, and I hate being mean or disapointed about comic book art, but I don't think this was the right artist for the job. You take a look at the work from all the new X-Men books and the art is top notch, each one compliments the writing and the characters perfectly. And with the theme and idea being that of a future world, I feel like the design team stayed really safe in those terms. Maybe I was expecting hi-tech sentinels or a cool new uniforms for the entire team, I don't know, but I do know that I was expecting much more from this current title. 

Should have been about Logan and Shogo...
So at the end of the day, where does this leave me on the feelings for this book? I have to say, I am a bit more disappointed overall with this one then I was with Spider-man. In the Spider-man book, you had a better presentation of a future world compared to this X-Men world, which seems really tame, and that is weird considering even in the our age, the X-Men seemed to be ahead of most stories and themes. I was also expecting maybe a large scoop as far as the story goes, so it left me really expecting a lot more from this mutant story of the future. If you are collecting all the 100th Anniversary books like me, then you will be getting this book. But if you were curious and you want my honest opinion, you can skip this one for sure. A lot of great potential, but not close in the execution. 

So there you have it guys, you know for sure I will be taking a look at the rest of this collection from Marvel, but so far I think I see an ongoing theme here. Regardless, I still having reading and collecting these books, the life of the comic book geek. I also have other reviews coming up from new releases to old classics as well, so keep it tuned and subscribe here to Storm Watch. Until then guys, keep chasing the storm.