Thursday, 6 September 2018

Another Storm...

You can try and try again a hundred times, you only quit once.

And with that said, I am back at it and writing again. How is it going internet? It's been awhile for sure but here we are again, trying to keep y'all up to date with all my ins and outs that are happening in my little slice of life on this planet. I think I will try to update more, but keep my posts a little bit shorter than some of my previous posts on this page. I want to be doing more and more in terms of art and comic books, so I will try to be posting here more often. There are also a ton of different comic book content that I would love to share with you, friends creating and some looking for funding on projects and they all deserve your attention and love. So let's help these creators out and make these dreams into reality! 

On my part, I am back in school this semester but I am also working away on my pages for Brewgatory. This has been an extremely big and ambitious project for me and I am learning just how much work is involved with making your own story and bringing it to life. But you know, I am so happy to be perusing this goal and there is nothing I want more than to make this comic book happen. I know it has taken me sometime and I thank you for those who have been anticipating this project, means the world to me, so thank you so much! 

Also I want to take this opportunity to talk about the awesome weekend that was Fan Expo 2018! Always great to see friends and colleagues in the Toronto comic book scene, so much talent and so much creativity! I am happy to be a part of it, truly a blessing. 

Thank you so much storm clouds, will be keeping in touch. Until then, keep chasing the Storm. ;)