Friday, 20 March 2015

Black as your Soul...

Who is ready for another massive Marvel crossover event? Not this guy! Seriously though it's true, after the shit show that was AXIS and knowing what is coming up this Spring with Secret Wars, in comes the Black Vortex, trying to squeeze in and make itself noticed. But I will be honest guys, I don't think that I am going to be following this one all the way through or at least properly, see the thing is here, this one plays out a lot like the big X-Men event a year or so back, Battle of the Atom, in which the chapters took places in different books. Say what you will, but I gotta say my piece, I don't like that format. That's me though, because I don't buy or follow every series, I find it a pain in the butt to pick up other books just to get a clue on what the hell is going on. And then at the end you have one issue of Wolverine and the X-Men in your collection, and it looks bare and strange. You then have to go out and find all the other issues or leave it there and pretend it doesn't bug you. Okay, I will admit that is a first world problem, but this a comic book blog page, small bends and second printings are kind of a big deal in our world. And you know what though, I did pick up Black Vortex Alpha, the first chapter to this story and I gotta say, it might have a story that really works. I have a big feeling I am going to be missing out on one good space adventure...

The first chapter here is by Sam Humphries and with art from Ed McGuinness, some big names in the comic book world and no, they are not off their rockers...not yet at least. And for fans of last years "Trial of the Phoenix" story that had the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with the All-New X-Men, this is right up your alley. We get both teams getting together to decide on the fate of a powerful ancient artifact that makes you awesome. What? No but seriously, this mirror shows you a reflection of a super powerful version of yourself, all you have to do is submit to it's power. For everything the Black Vortex will give you, there will be plenty that it takes away. A simple concept that used in this context with various different heroes from all over the galaxy, each one deciding on what to do with this thing. Because morally, sure you could destroy and that would be that. But say in the example of Beast, old and blue Hank McCoy, a man who has nip tucked the laws of space and times so much, you can't tell where the nose start and the mouth begins. Take him and give him the power or the knowledge to make things right, to put everything in it's right place. Why wouldn't he take that chance? And plenty other heroes who want to use this upgrade to do better and to be better. All you have to do is submit.

So like AXIS and Original Sin before it, the idea and concept here is really good and has got a ton of potential to create a great story with the big space cast. So if you are into Marvel space adventures, like GOTG and Fantastic Four, I highly suggest giving this one a look. The best way I would say to read this one is probably going to be in the collection, so hang tight for a few months til that comes out. And while this book and story have a lot going for it, we should get to some of the flaws and even potential flaws out of the way. Obviously it goes with out saying, this story has a chance of tripping and falling flat on its ass, think Shockmaster style. Also I know I will only be reading the X-Men side of this story, because those are the only series I am reading and I don't exactly feel like grabbing Star-Lord, GOTG and plenty of the other series. If you are able to look past this or are collecting all of these anyway, please let me know how it is and if it is worth finding these chapters. But also, I am curious as to why missing out on the action are the Uncanny X-Men, Cyclops and his team. Giving Cyclops the power to be a mutant messiah again, that has potential for a lot of chaos. Although young Cyclops will be reuniting with his team mates so that will be cool to see. And speak of the young out of time X-Men, I really hope the Vortex doesn't make another Phoenix. I don't about you, but I am okay with not reading another Phoenix story for maybe 10 years or more. I am all Phoenix-ed out.

So travel the stars with caution fellow readers, and yeah be sure to tell me If I am missing out here. I want to hear back from you guys on what you think of this next big event? Any character you would want to see improved with a boat load of power? Leave a comment below or tweet me over on the Twitter sphere, @ChileanStorm! And be sure to subscribed to the page and tell your friends as well, plenty of reviews as well for you guys to check out and other comic book related news. Gotta a lot of potential books to be taking a look at, so stay tuned for plenty more, until then, keep chasing the storm! 

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hey guys, I wanted to post this video up that my best friend did here. Here we see Toby present his latest batch of art store purchases, you get to see some really great items. Especially helpful for all artist looking for new tools to work with, take a look and listen as Tobs examines and breaks down what he got and why. 

He is going to be doing these kind of videos once a week, so be sure to give him a subscribe and a like while you are watching. And if you can be totally awesome, be sure to tell your friends across all social media sites. It would be awesome, let's get Toby some views! 

You can also subscribe to this page if you want as well, I am back to comic talking and reviewing like it's 1999! I will be posting various different comic book related post up in here so stay tuned and until then keep chasing the storm!