Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hey guys, I wanted to post this video up that my best friend did here. Here we see Toby present his latest batch of art store purchases, you get to see some really great items. Especially helpful for all artist looking for new tools to work with, take a look and listen as Tobs examines and breaks down what he got and why. 

He is going to be doing these kind of videos once a week, so be sure to give him a subscribe and a like while you are watching. And if you can be totally awesome, be sure to tell your friends across all social media sites. It would be awesome, let's get Toby some views! 

You can also subscribe to this page if you want as well, I am back to comic talking and reviewing like it's 1999! I will be posting various different comic book related post up in here so stay tuned and until then keep chasing the storm!