Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sugah We Goin Down...

When you read tons and tons of comic books over the years, it is natural to develop favourite characters, favourite stories and even favourite couples, it happens. Me, I've got to say I always liked the pairing of Rogue and Gambit. Since I was a little kid, waking up to watch the X-Men cartoon every Saturday morning, I loved the playfulness of those two. I mean sure as I got older I read more and more comics, and I may have grown to judge and over analyse each episode and how they compared to the different issues that they were based on. But my love for these two never changed. And yeah, I was bummed by the lack of Gambit in the X-Men movies, but I understood it is another universe, anything can happen. It was great to see the evolution of these two in their on and off relationship, sometimes it was sweet and sometimes it was a bit sad, but damn it if they look great together. If there was a prom night at the school, hands down, Rogue and Gambit are the prom queen and king. So today I wanted to take a look at an issue of the happier times between them, sure there might be an assassin guild or so involved trying to kill them, but trust me when I say this had some "feels" moments for me. And yes this is me being a sap for these two, let me have this.

Actually before I gone about what I thought about this issue overall, I want to say how much it was a gift to be looking through these pages and seeing the incredible work of the late Mike Wieringo. That alone is a reason to look this issue and mini series up. In his lines you see a lot of character expression and feelings from all the characters, you could read the book without words just based on everything you see in each panel. He added an almost animated or cartoon feeling to his work and it's something you can find in a lot of expressive comics of today, his influence lives on. And his legacy is shown greatly here in this issue.

The story is a part of a four issue mini series about Rogue taking care of some personal business, trying to take care of her problem on her own without the X-Men team. But of course, Gambit goes after her to help out. And considering it also involves Gambit's ex, Bella Donna, it would make sense he gets involve. So after a little showdown with a group from the Assassin's Guild, we get see these two spend some quite time together and this is when I melt from feelings overload. I loved this scene because of how simple everything was, given the situation that happened and what could potentially go down, all Rogue says to Remy is just hold me. That's it. No over the top perfume commercial inspired sex scene (I am looking at you 300 movie) or over the top romantic dialogue, none of that. Just hold me. I mean that is the basic and simplest idea of love, of being with someone at all. That you can have someone to turn to, that when you need someone to hold on to, that person will be there. You feel the safety, you don't worry about how much money you do or don't have, you don't worry what anyone else thinks of you because you have each other and at the end of the day, that's all you need. Am I a romantic, I guess? I think love is a beautiful thing, that sometimes gets forgotten. Not attraction, not desire, but just love. And I mean hell who doesn't love sex, we all do, it's awesome. But you don't need love to get off. I think love, and I am guessing here it's all just an idea to me, keys & codes, is something so simple it can't be explained. Like maybe I am over thinking it, because that is what I do, with practically everything I find. But in the pure and simple form, love doesn't get posted on social media, it doesn't need to be celebrated by others, in the purest way it's two people who aren't afraid of what comes next. Just hold me. 

Those three pages between them is all you need to know on why you need to read this issue. I wish I could go on about the story or what happens next or anything else. But it really doesn't matter as much to me, because I honestly really like that scene so much, it is probably my favourite moment between these two. So check it out and let me know what you thought, let me know if you don't feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

So there you have it guys, I went sappy today. 

Let me know in the comments below how you feel though about love. Which is your favourite couple in comics? What's your favourite romantic scene? Is romance dead? Let me know and let's keep the conversations going. Be sure to subscribe to the page, follow me on Twitter and practically all forms of social media to stay in touch and updated. Got a few more for this week, so let's keep this theme moving along, until then keep chasing the storm. 

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