Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Better Off Dead...

A face not even a mother could love...finds love. 

See, there is hope for everyone. If a crazy loud mouth killing mercenary can find love, so can you. Keep reaching for that rainbow. But the funny thing about love, sometimes it can go unwanted. So is the case for our favourite killer anti-hero, Deadpool in issue 43 of the 2008 run of the series. After Deadpool gets sent to the loony bin out in England, he manages to escape thanks to one of the doctors who works there and finds a deep attraction to him. Wait a minute, where else have I seen this? Crazy killer gets set free with a blonde doctor who is also kind of nuts, sounds familiar? I see what you did there Deadpool. That alone gives this issue and this story so many brownie points, or chimichanga points in this case. After all the Merc with a Mouth is known as much for his over the top violence as he is for his comedy, it is a careful and beautiful dance of both that is needed for a great Deadpool book. How does this one hold up? 

It takes a real kind of crazy to out crazy Deadpool, isn't that crazy? Well that is exactly the kind of psychopath we have on our hands with Dr.Ellen Whitby. Not because she is in love with Wade, although that is up for debate, but her love seems more like a really creepy obsession, creepy and dangerous. And when you start licking up a used can of beans, that is probably crossing the streets of creep town. So naturally Deadpool is now on the run from the police and federal agents and a stalker, all the while being stuck across sea in England. On the bright side, it can't possibly get any worse, can it? Well let's just say that his trip does end up getting a bit of royalty in there. And also we get a really dark and twisted reveal from the good old Dr.Whitby. 

The comedy in this book really holds up in this book, especially with Deadpool trying to get around in London, from car theft to clothes switch tricks, plenty of laughs in this book. Though not a lot of action, no slice and dice or bang bang bang or pineapple grenades here, which feels like something is missing. The book tends to be more of a comedy issue in that sense. Although the doctor here, she does come off really creepy, it is hard to feel sympathetic for such a character, especially considering her love is more of a sick obsession. I doubt the writers wanted to create something more here. The art is solid here, with Carlo Barberi taking care of the pencils as he does on plenty of the issues of this run of Deadpool. We actually get a lot of face time with Wade Wilson here, which is pretty cool to see, sometimes you forget about the guy under the mask. But given the amount of action in this issue, we don't get any big moments that take advantage of the art fully, still the art is done exceptionally well for what it needs to do. 

So while the issue is stronger in comedy, it still holds up pretty well, especially knowing what comes next from this story, it is worth reading on. And while the doctor parody joke is pretty funny, it might be lost on a few readers. Not the best Deadpool issue or story by any means, but not exactly the worst one out there. Worth a read for the bigger picture for all Deadpool fans.

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