Monday, 9 February 2015

Super Wonder Bread...

So it's been some good time since this series has been out and about, and it being February and all, figured why not take a look at Superman/Wonder Woman from DC Comics. Was actually looking through my comics for "love" themed books and this one came up, it was this or Batman/Superman. See what I did there. Anyway, back to are two on hand here, Superman and Wonder Woman. Probably one of the bigger moves that DC Comics took with these two was to make them a pair. I don't remember this being something many writers explored too much, what with Lois Lane being the main crush for the man of steel for a long time. I even remember Wonder Woman and Batman being kind of a couple on the Justice League cartoon, it was pretty sweet in a way, having Diana remind Bruce to smile so more and enjoy things for a bit. But it seems Batman and Catwoman are all the rage now, so it makes sense to have these two together. The cool thing here, is that this power couple could take over the world if they wanted to, but they do a heck of a job keeping it safe. In this book we get to see them work as team, all the while working through all the kinks of being in a relationship and what not. And what is mine is yours, especially when it comes to foes and enemies, so expect plenty of super powered aliens and angry Gods coming in to make sure these two get a honeymoon trip to hell. Just another day for the power couple.

One of the most exciting things about this book is the power team making it, we got both Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel on this one. Charles Soule, who did some fantastic work over at Marvel with She-Hulk and did a number of Swamp Things book as well with DC is writing this duo together. If you haven't had a chance, you should check out some of his past work as well as the new Wolverines series that was just released. As for Tony S. Daniel, he just started on the new Deathstroke series, as well as doing some fantastic work over on the Batman Detective Comic series. A really power team as well to make sure these two legendary heroes get the right kind of treatment. And I think these guys deliver. You get plenty of action off the bat, with Superman and Wonder Woman teaming up to save a massive cargo ship that has been attacked and you get flashbacks to both these characters making sense of their current relationship. Having things go from action to dialouge sequences works really well, you are able to follow along and stay for the long ride, a hard balance but one that is done right here. The art hits all the right notes as well, plenty of big scenes here with a lot of detail, not to mention a beautiful three page fold out cover here with all the friends and foes of the Superman and Wonder Woman world. Take a moment before you go in and just take it all in, a sight to see for sure. 

I thought I would be rolling my eyes at this book, but you know what, it was fine. They have dialogue and romantic moments, but none of it seemed George Lucas, if you know what I mean. If you haven't seen Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, be ready for some brutal "romance" scenes. But they got Jango Fett, that's pretty cool. Back to our comic, I feel like nothing here was too much or over the top. I did wonder what the deal was about the world finding out that Superman and Wonder Woman were together, and why that would be bad, they are heroes after all. I mean wouldn't Gordon finding strange that Batman makes out with Catwoman, Talia, Poison Ivy and even sometimes Harley Quinn. But as a stand alone issue and as the kickoff point of the series, you can't go wrong. Unless you hate these two together or alone, well you probably can skip this series all together. But if you are ready for a series that combines the best and the evil of both worlds, check this out if you haven't already. I also highly suggest fans of Batman/Superman to check it out as well, the book has a similar feel but a completely new take on the team-up comic.

So there you have it guys, the first Valentine sort of kind of theme book of the week. To be honest, it is not easy to find books that fit well to the theme and are actually pretty good, so this was kind of a blessing. I've got plenty in store for the week, a few good ones and maybe a bad one for your entertainment, maybe. I take no joy in reading bad comics, but it needs to be done. So let me know what you guys think about this power couple comic, are you reading this series? What's another great couple in the world of comics? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow the page, tell your friends and all that good stuff! Until then keep chasing the storm! 

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