Monday, 27 August 2012

The Storm is Coming

It's that time of year again my fellow freaks and geeks in Toronto, Fan Expo, the centre of all things nerdy in one convention. Some would say this is pretty much the Canadian version of San Diego Comic Con. It's huge, it's got line ups, free stuff, the costumes, the exclusives and of course the comics. There's no small way to describe this event, it's huge. And maybe looking at the big picture, part of me is feeling a little small. For Fan Expo 2013, I won't just be at the convention, I will drawing at the convention!

It's a year a way and luckily I won't be alone (glad to be part of a team), but I am still a little spooked by all this. I mean this is pretty much the Wrestlemania of Canadian comic book conventions, if I am going to rock the world, this is where I need to make some noise. And I've got a whole year ahead of me to get the band ready. It's not about being the best artist in the world, cause I know I am not, I want to be the best artist that I know I can be, in my way and style. I want to give the people (that means you...yes you) something unique, something they never seen before. And now I know this easier said then done, but by God I will at least do my best and give everything I've got in trying. Having friends, family and fans really does help, so thank you for the support, I can't do this alone.

Now I've got a lot of work to get to, but if you guys can keep the support up and spread the word on Spent Pencils and all of its talented artist. We got a few dates coming up in the Fall, so by all means drop by and get some drawings.

Until then, peace!