Monday, 9 December 2013

Ottawa gets Popped...

It was a cold weekend in Ottawa but luckily it was a warm welcome at the Ottawa Pop Expo this past weekend. A big thank you first of all to everyone who came to the show and stopped by our +Spent Pencils table and everyone at the artist alley. We do the traveling, the drawing and all of it for you, so a big thank you again to all of you. The trip was a blast though, when you are in good company you can go anywhere really, and the drive up was a blast with a stops along the way and even belting out "Wrecking Ball" as we drove, it's a damn catchy tune. We got in to town in the afternoon and decided to crash, apparently artist don't get much sleep, apparently this a thing. But as we watched the World Cup line ups and ordered in some pizza, we got to sketch and work on our different projects. It was also a great opportunity to work with some new pencil necks Nicholas Lukic and Herbert Kwan, not to mention working with my big brothers Joe Osei Bonsu, Maddsketch and Vince Sunico. I think all of us had a hard time getting to sleep out of excitement, but we passed out one by one. After a quick breakfast we made our way down to the Ernst & Young Centre and got unpacked, ready to see what the days ahead had in store. 

What I gathered from this weekend is everyone loves Loki. Even if he is a Lemongrab. I didn't think my print would do so well, but you guys love that Lemongrab Loki, and lots of love for my Pokemon and Adventure Time prints as well, so once again thank you guys! And I got a great response from the X-Men and Adventure Time cover I did, so you can bet you will be seeing a print coming very soon. And be sure to drop me any and all suggestions here or on my Tumblr, Twitter or even on Instagram. I want to do more with all of you here, a back and forth if you will. After all you can't have a storm without any clouds. 

But this weekend was a blast as you can tell from the pictures here, I got a chance to get to meet a lot of new faces, work on a few commissions as well and got to pick up a few gifts for friends as well. And every show and every convention gives me more and more experience and I love doing this with my Spent family. So a big thanks for all the support and love this year, 2013 has been a blast! I got to get going but again, keep posted here for all updates, I will see you soon. Keep chasing the storm. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Water, Wind & Spent...

This past Friday night on the cold night in downtown Toronto, it was a warm and amazing experience with friends, family and everyone in the artist community who came out to support the Spent Pencils organized fundraiser Water & Wind for the Philippines relief funds. What you missed if you didn't get a chance to go was amazing auctioned art from many of SP family and other big names in the artist community, as well as amazing food and drinks, and an awesome after party as well. Granted I may have woken up a little heavy headed and with a lighter wallet, but it was totally worth it. And seeing everyone come together and bring some amazing work for charity is an awesome experience, a big thank you to all the artist who took the time and made some amazing art for charity. A lot of these are posted online, so be sure to check them out and I will be posting links to the pages of all the artist who took place in the show as well. If you see anything you like, be sure to contact your favorite artist and let them know. 

Here a few pictures from the evening as well, if you want to see more be sure to check out the Spent Pencils Facebook page, right here, a lot of our event pictures will be posted here, so be sure to check back often and share your Spent memories as well.

The years end is just around the corner but SP is not slowing down, with Ottawa Pop Expo next weekend and the Sketches for Pledges auction coming up, we still got plenty to do before we put this year to rest. And you can count on us to keep the momentum rolling into 2014, not slowing down anytime soon. Before I sign off, a big thanks to Kevin Briones for making this event happen in the first place, an amazing job for a great cause. You did an amazing job Cap'n Go! Also a big thank you to Celena "Pepper Pots" Ho for being amazing as always with helping us set up! And remember to check out all these amazing artist who took the time to donate and help out, they deserve the attention... 

This just in as well...

"We would like to extend our gratitude for the artists who contributed their talent, time and effort to Wind & Water: Artist Fundraiser for Haiyan Relief on Friday.

Our combined efforts allowed us to exceed our $3500 fundraising goal including the government match!"

Amazing, thank you to everyone who gave a little to make a bigger difference. Keep tuned here on Storm Watch for more Spent Pencils and ChileanStorm related posts and what not. Keep chasing the storm!