Monday, 29 June 2015

Wytches Be Like...

Pledged is Pledged...

And that's a wrap on the first chapter of Wytches from Scott Synder and Jock, a tale of a family trying to survive and escape a dark curse of sorts. And after 6 issues of cliff hangers and jaw dropping moments after another, I've got to say Wytches #6 really does a hell of a job wrapping it all up and at the same time leaving you ready for more, the story will continue and I can't wait to see where it will go next. From the first issue, Wytches was able to create a sense of horror and mystery, the stories main characters were also good people you wanted to see get out of all of this alive. in Charlie, you see the struggle of a father who is trying to do best for his daughters and you see Sailor, a kid trying to make sense of everything that is going on. But you get the feeling of family, you see how together they are able to overcome any challenge in the past. But unfortunately for the Rook family, this challenge has tons of sharp teeth and is hungry. And once you are pledged, you are marked until they get you. So what can you do to escape an inescapable fate? We see that here in this issue and plenty more, so let's get to it, we are looking at Wytches #6 from Image comics.

So in the final chapter of this first arc, I felt that we do get some answer to a lot of the questions from the previous issues and a few unanswered ones as well, which is good though, we need reasons to come back for issue 7. There was a very cool book end effect with one of the first scenes from issue #1, that was actually really well done because I had no idea that the scene was going to important, I thought it was showing the viciousness of the wytches. Well it did do that as well, a two for one if you will. This is just an example of all the things done right in Wytches, every issue has been solid in writing and in the art department, being able to take a unique story and bring it to life like this should be the goal of all comic book creators. Synder creates a scenario that is horrifying and scary but doesn't feel over the top or ridiculous. The fear is real enough like a good urban legend, the kind of stories that really mess with your head, are there really creatures waiting to eat me in the woods? Maybe or maybe it's all in your head. And with Jock, his art is able to convey the same feelings of fear and the unknown. Some pages look like a drawn out nightmare and they look incredible, Jock has an undeniable style that his own and it works perfectly for this story. These two have made an incredible run so far and I hope they continue on until the story is finished. 

This is a highly recommended title for all horror comic book fans and even those who are just looking for something new to read. What I love most about Wytches in general is that it has a very Silent Hill feel to it, a psychological horror if you will. And I don't know about you guys, but that is probably my favourite kind of horror. So I highly suggest everyone gives this book and series a read as soon as you can, I have heard they are going to make a TV series based on Wytches, which I hope is on the ball and as good as the book. Unless you are a little kid or don't like scary things at all, I see no reason why you shouldn't be reading Wytches.

But I ask, have you guys read Wytches? And if so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message over on Twitter (@ChileanStorm) and let's talk some Wytches. I had a pretty bad start of my week, I think I got food poisoning or a flu or both, not to mention my whole body felt like dry broken bones, so I am trying to change things up in my life, cutting back on the junk food and going to bed early to get 8 hours of sleep. Also got to get more active and moving more and what not. And you should as well. Take it from me, I am 28 and just some days ago I felt like I was 45, I was sore and hurt all over. So please take care of yourselves. You are important. But that's all the time I have for now, plenty more comic books to catch up with and share with all of you lovely little storm clouds. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Torment Legacy

You know what book I had not read in ages, for like the longest time, Todd McFarlane's Spider-man. And don't sit there like you don't know what book I am talking about, this is without a shadow of a doubt one the most famous comic books of all time. Is that an exaggeration? Not really, the success of this book, along with Liefeld (X-Force) and Lee (X-Men), they were able to change the comic book industry as we know it today. If you haven't seen the Image Comics documentary, it is an absolute must watch, even if you aren't that into comics, go and watch as soon as you can. That being said, I found this book in my collection and decided to give it a read again, see what it was all about. I remember hearing a lot of negative comments about this story, Torment, a story with Spider-man taking on The Lizard in a very gritty fashion. But I wonder, why can't Spider-man be gritty? I mean his enemies want to kill him, not slap him on the wrist. His first love was killed by a psychopath in a goblin suit, he then sold his marriage to the devil. How is Spider-man free from the gritty? While I see that tons and tons of kids love him and that's great, but kids also love Batman. And Batman is the undisputed king of grit. While I don't suggest every superhero go down the path of the Dark Knight, I do want to say that if you can do it right, all power to you. Spider-man Reign gets slammed so much by critics and fans, but I thought it was an incredible story with some of the greatest Spidey moments I have ever seen. If busting out of a coffin in the classic red and blue tights doesn't get your comic book blood pumping, nothing will. And so, if this is going to be a dark trip into the world of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-man, well so be it. And with that, let's take a look at Todd McFarlane's classic, from Marvel comics Spider-man issue 1. 

Can we at least all agree this is the best looking Spider-man cover of all time though? It is absolutely iconic and eye popping, all those webs and spiders crawling all about and the hero right there in the middle of it all, looking better then ever. And yes back in the 90's there was a crazy trend that everything was going to be a collectors item in time and yes this cover had a couple of different styles, like the gold one or the black and white one. But still, this image is so incredible you can't be mad. How many fans have created fan art based on this cover? This has got to be a requested commission recreation on sketch covers at conventions for sure. Not to mention the amount of times the pose has been used for other books, it was even used later on a Spawn cover as well. But yeah, I love it. When I think Spider-man, I think of this cover.

Okay, so the actual book and all.  

Well while I admit it isn't the deepest piece of literature I have read, after going through it, I don't think it needs to be. Now keep in mind, McFarlane wrote and drew this book. But clearly he is an artist first, writer second. But he does have some good ideas and does a different take on this classic hero, this is a Todd McFarlane Spider-man for sure. And of all the villains he could have picked, he made a really interesting one with The Lizard. For the longest time, Lizard would crawl about and attack people but not really do too much damage, and you felt sympathetic for this character. After all, Doctor Connors isn't able to control his alter ego. But here we get a violent, hungry and gory Lizard, and it's pretty cool. So the while the writing does leave more to be desired, the ideas are really good and thanks to the art, ideas may be enough. The art in this book looks absolutely stunning, this was done well over 20 years ago and still looks as good as anything being done today. Say what you will about the man, you can't deny the absolute talent he has. The details in the webs, the way Spider-man moves through the city sky, even the look of all the people in New York, everything is brought to life in a way only a comic book can do. I highly urge to look through this book and tell me what you think, take in all the lines and all the action going on in each panel and tell me you don't see how an artist was able to change the comic book world. Spider-man will always be a cornerstone to the legacy of McFarlane and comic books as a whole. 

Is this book getting a pass to gold on it's art alone? Yeah I would say so. But also on how it change the game forever. You have to remember, Marvel doesn't just let anyone work on a Spider-man book, let alone write and draw one, unheard of. So this will probably be something we may never see again. But look, this is just what I think, it goes without saying that you can only take it for what it is, nothing is absolute. So what do you think about this issue? Do you see more warts and flaws, things I missed. Leave a comment below and let's talk comics. Well that's all I've got for today, going out to Brampton tomorrow, going to be doing a show for Pride Week over at Stadium Comics! Check out the details, here! And if you get a chance come down and get some art from me and Toby! That's right the worst guys will be there, so don't miss out. I should try to get some sleep now, until then guys keep chasing the storm!  

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Great Scott Avengers...

Okay that was a really bad title, but I swear it does relate to what goes down in this comic that I am looking at today. It was either that or "That Time Iron Man was Turned into a Naked Killer Robot Lady". You know we all have that one that got away, an idea that at the time might have been awesome, especially if everyone was passing around some green and/or booze was involved, but once done and finished is actually a pretty terrible idea. Kevin Smith did it with Tusk, and I have to say Brain Michael Bendis would probably want to take this one back. Or not, he makes millions, so f*ck you. I have to believe anyone who makes boat loads of money today can look back and not really care about past mistakes or flops along the way. But if I am wrong, that would totally be cool. (After all, Mark Wahlberg knows The Happening was awful) Regardless, I can't help but feel like this arc in The Mighty Avengers is one that most comic book fans want to bury and forget about for sometime. And here I come like a grave digging jerk face to bring it back into the light and talk about it. A book with a new team of heroes after a massive world event like Civil War against a classic Avengers foe like Ultron, how can you mess that up? And is it really that bad? Even a strange plot can have some great moments and is worth another look. So with that said, let's take a look at The Mighty Avengers issue 2 from Marvel comics.  

From the creative team of Brain Michael Bendis and artist Frank Cho, we get a new team of Avengers. Though some may call them the "sell-outs" Avengers team, this is the team that sided with Iron Man during Civil War, the other team of cool kid "rebels" Avengers became the New Avengers. This is still a very strong powerhouse team, led by Ms.Marvel, with Iron Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Sentry and Ares. You would think this team could handle practically anything, and then Iron Man gets turned into a naked robot chick who looks exactly like Wasp...because creepy. Yeah, that goes down in issue 1 and issue 2 picks up right there, Mole Man and his critters are also there but they run away pretty quickly as soon as the shit hits the fan. We see a bunch of flashbacks to the recruitment of most of the team members, except Ares, who actually is probably the most curious one of them all, being a God and all that. And the team is trying deal with the now naked lady Iron Man villain that they are trying to take down and figure out what the waffle is going on. Though Janet has an idea about what they might be dealing with, it becomes clear by the end of the book. But we get to see plenty of Avengers tossing about and being thrown all over the place, good times. 

So let me make one thing clear here, Bendis and Cho are very talented individuals, that really goes without saying. And who could say otherwise, unless your Joe Quesada or Jim Lee, you don't really have a platform to dump on anyone making money in the industry. Anyone who makes it, is there for a reason. That being said, do I feel like this book and this particular arc is pretty weak all things considered. While some really interesting stories were going on in New Avengers, which Bendis was handling at the time and planting seeds for Secret Invasion, this feels like it needs to be strange for the sake of being strange. Can you just have Ultron come back and wreck some havoc, just like that. Sure, why not? I know you always need to up the ante, but this just comes as a little forced. Shock for the sake of shock, no substance. And comics do this all the time to stir the pot, I get that. But after the shock is gone all that is left are feelings of embarrassment and sadness. These are the books that become ghost stories of stupidity, like no one would actually do that in a comic...would they? Yeah, they would. Could this same story have been done properly? I think so. This Ultron here feels like a killer sex alien. Instead you could've had the bad robotic villain waking up as Janet and believing that it is Janet, not Ultron. A sleeper agent, a wolf in sheep's clothing. You work an angle of mistrust and confusion in the team, and have them conquer Ultron and grow as a team overall, especially if this is the first challenge for The Mighty Avengers. Just an idea, but you get the point. 

This is one of those if you happen to find it at a good price, check it out, but you know be warned. But if you are a pretty new to comics, you'll probably want to read something that isn't so bizarre. This is the comic book your librarian warned you about. 

And just like that, another book reviewed and gone. Feels good to be writing again, had to get that out of my system. There is actually a lot I want to talk about recently, been going to therapy and been looking around for a new job, all the while doing my best to bust out as much art work as possible while trying to learn more and more art techniques. Not to mention the constant feeling that life and most people are leaving you behind, not a great feeling. But you know what, I am here now and I am going to do my best to bust out as much work as I can. It's the only thing I can do, so let's shoot the shit and talk some comics. Let me know what you thought about this issue and this run of Mighty Avengers. Are you a fan or did you hate it? Let me know in the comments below. Going to try and write something up more and more, but I might do some more personal ones, trying to make sense of it all and what not. But the Storm is back, so as I said before, stay sassy n classy and until then, keep chasing the storm.