Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Great Scott Avengers...

Okay that was a really bad title, but I swear it does relate to what goes down in this comic that I am looking at today. It was either that or "That Time Iron Man was Turned into a Naked Killer Robot Lady". You know we all have that one that got away, an idea that at the time might have been awesome, especially if everyone was passing around some green and/or booze was involved, but once done and finished is actually a pretty terrible idea. Kevin Smith did it with Tusk, and I have to say Brain Michael Bendis would probably want to take this one back. Or not, he makes millions, so f*ck you. I have to believe anyone who makes boat loads of money today can look back and not really care about past mistakes or flops along the way. But if I am wrong, that would totally be cool. (After all, Mark Wahlberg knows The Happening was awful) Regardless, I can't help but feel like this arc in The Mighty Avengers is one that most comic book fans want to bury and forget about for sometime. And here I come like a grave digging jerk face to bring it back into the light and talk about it. A book with a new team of heroes after a massive world event like Civil War against a classic Avengers foe like Ultron, how can you mess that up? And is it really that bad? Even a strange plot can have some great moments and is worth another look. So with that said, let's take a look at The Mighty Avengers issue 2 from Marvel comics.  

From the creative team of Brain Michael Bendis and artist Frank Cho, we get a new team of Avengers. Though some may call them the "sell-outs" Avengers team, this is the team that sided with Iron Man during Civil War, the other team of cool kid "rebels" Avengers became the New Avengers. This is still a very strong powerhouse team, led by Ms.Marvel, with Iron Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Sentry and Ares. You would think this team could handle practically anything, and then Iron Man gets turned into a naked robot chick who looks exactly like Wasp...because creepy. Yeah, that goes down in issue 1 and issue 2 picks up right there, Mole Man and his critters are also there but they run away pretty quickly as soon as the shit hits the fan. We see a bunch of flashbacks to the recruitment of most of the team members, except Ares, who actually is probably the most curious one of them all, being a God and all that. And the team is trying deal with the now naked lady Iron Man villain that they are trying to take down and figure out what the waffle is going on. Though Janet has an idea about what they might be dealing with, it becomes clear by the end of the book. But we get to see plenty of Avengers tossing about and being thrown all over the place, good times. 

So let me make one thing clear here, Bendis and Cho are very talented individuals, that really goes without saying. And who could say otherwise, unless your Joe Quesada or Jim Lee, you don't really have a platform to dump on anyone making money in the industry. Anyone who makes it, is there for a reason. That being said, do I feel like this book and this particular arc is pretty weak all things considered. While some really interesting stories were going on in New Avengers, which Bendis was handling at the time and planting seeds for Secret Invasion, this feels like it needs to be strange for the sake of being strange. Can you just have Ultron come back and wreck some havoc, just like that. Sure, why not? I know you always need to up the ante, but this just comes as a little forced. Shock for the sake of shock, no substance. And comics do this all the time to stir the pot, I get that. But after the shock is gone all that is left are feelings of embarrassment and sadness. These are the books that become ghost stories of stupidity, like no one would actually do that in a comic...would they? Yeah, they would. Could this same story have been done properly? I think so. This Ultron here feels like a killer sex alien. Instead you could've had the bad robotic villain waking up as Janet and believing that it is Janet, not Ultron. A sleeper agent, a wolf in sheep's clothing. You work an angle of mistrust and confusion in the team, and have them conquer Ultron and grow as a team overall, especially if this is the first challenge for The Mighty Avengers. Just an idea, but you get the point. 

This is one of those if you happen to find it at a good price, check it out, but you know be warned. But if you are a pretty new to comics, you'll probably want to read something that isn't so bizarre. This is the comic book your librarian warned you about. 

And just like that, another book reviewed and gone. Feels good to be writing again, had to get that out of my system. There is actually a lot I want to talk about recently, been going to therapy and been looking around for a new job, all the while doing my best to bust out as much art work as possible while trying to learn more and more art techniques. Not to mention the constant feeling that life and most people are leaving you behind, not a great feeling. But you know what, I am here now and I am going to do my best to bust out as much work as I can. It's the only thing I can do, so let's shoot the shit and talk some comics. Let me know what you thought about this issue and this run of Mighty Avengers. Are you a fan or did you hate it? Let me know in the comments below. Going to try and write something up more and more, but I might do some more personal ones, trying to make sense of it all and what not. But the Storm is back, so as I said before, stay sassy n classy and until then, keep chasing the storm.

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