Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One Love for Art...

This past weekend I had the chance to go and check out the Love Art fair, a collection of contemporary art from all around the world collected in one building here in Toronto. Tons of people were in attendance to see some of the best work of the modern art day, and plenty bought a few pieces as well. I was glad just to be able to take it all in, some extremely unique pieces and clever designs being used, stuff that could inspire. And I will say this, everything here looked great and had a purpose, I didn't find any blank canvas with a dot going for five thousand dollars. Quite the opposite really, I found pieces that played with colours and designs or that took the modern commercial world that we know and transformed it into art. A lot time and dedication was used here to create some one of kind masterpieces, and while it is always great to look at past works and achievements in the art world, it is also reassuring to see the future is alive and well with no end in sight. The biggest question moving forward as a society and as artist we have to ask is, what are we trying to say about the world we live in? For everything we have accomplished, we are still behind on a lot of issues. We still have a portion of society unwilling to let evolution and change take its place, people who would rather benefit from a disconnected and selfish world. We seek self importance and praise, I see a world that needs the approval of many to feel important. A lot of important issues that we need to talk about can be shown through art, so when someone says their an artist, don't scoff or roll your eyes, because these are the most important messengers of our time. 

So next time and art show is in town or you have a free weekend, why not go to the Art Gallery of Ontario? Or for those outside the GTA, go to your local art museum, New Yorkers go to MOMA. Look at everything and figure out the message, what does it mean? I am going to share with you a collection of pictures that I took at the Love Art fair, these were some of my favourite works at the show, take them in, look at them and enjoy.  

So there you have it, pretty cool art no? Do you have a favourite piece from all the pictures? What do you feel the purpose of art will be in the future? Let's start a conversation here, leave a comment below or tweet me @ChileanStorm and let's talk some art. A big thank you as well for taking the time to read and take in some art, I usually talk comic books but art is extremely important to help the medium as well, so until then boys & girls, keep chasing the storm. 

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