Monday, 18 November 2013

Deadpools for Everyone

So I kind of haven't posted anything comic or art or comic art related for a while now, I was beginning to worry that I would be getting side tracked. I mean complaining and bitching is fine every now and then, especially on a blog, it's practically why they are made in the first place, right? Anyways, a lot of art work to be done in the next few days, we got a few events to be leading to and a convention next month, not to mention that Spent Pencils has got some big projects in store for the new year and I got to get my ass in gear and pump out some amazing work. And yeah, we are rolling up a lot of work and shows in the next months as well, so I got organize myself and keep all of you in the loop and updated. Also I want to connect more with all of you around the world, be it in the States or in Europe, I want to send out some cool art giveaways and maybe prints, and you guys spread the word of ChileanStorm and Spent Pencils. One of these possible giveaways could a postcard, maybe a Deadpool postcard, like this one...

Bam! Wam! Thank you mam! 

So I am going to have this at the Ottawa Pop Expo on December 7th and 8th, these will be postcard sized so it's perfect to mail out to any and all Deadpool friends during the holiday season. They will be on sale for $2 a card, and I've also got some New 52 style Joker and Scarecrow cards as well. And of course a few originals for sale that go for about $10, not a lot for some original art. Also going to try and bust out some more prints and postcards for the show. So anyone going to the show in December, let me know what you would like to see and I can do it up for you. Got a cool idea for a sketch cover, let me know and I can have it ready for you. Drop a comment or shoot me an email, I look forward to meeting and chatting with the lots of you. 

So remember guys, December 7th and 8th at the Ottawa Pop Expo! Be there and tell your friends! Until then keep chasing the storm! 

And also, Rob Ford...ugh.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Day Old Hate...

Hatred is a strong word. It's a word and feeling I feel we need to be very selective about, something we can't just throw around like a tennis ball against the wall, throwing it again and again. I don't like spicy foods, I dislike the Boston Bruins. But something that I truly with all my heart absolutely hate, that spot goes to only one abomination in my life, the TTC.

I hate the TTC.

I wish it was one thing about this God awful transit service that I could just swallow and stay silent about, but the amount of flaws and failures in the TTC is way too much for me not to say something. I don't really know where to start with my laundry list of complaints. And as a paying customer and as a citizen of the city of Toronto, I feel it's my right and duty to share this with the world.

10 Things I Hate About You...TTC: 

10. Transit Stranglehold: A shitty service that is no rush to get better. Why? What other option do you have? Not many if you are a low income working class kind of person or a student who is trying to get by on a budget. And with this in mind why would the TTC try to do better? You can complain all you want, they know you aren't going to be taking a cab to work everyday. 

So unless we all start using bikes or cars, the TTC is in no rush to get you to where you need to be on time or being a better service. 

9. More Money, More Problems: A few things you can count on in the city now in days; Reimer will make over 40 saves a night (what a beauty), our mayor will put his foot in his month and every 6 months or so the TTC will feel the need to raise their prices.

I wouldn't care if I saw the progress, if I saw faster trains and more buses on the routes. But we don't and that's why it's hard to constantly be forced to cough up more money for a lesser service. 

8. People Don't Go Out on Weekends: Or at least the TTC would like to think so, and they aren't even considering those who have to be up early and go to work. You are shit out of luck if you need to get somewhere and on time, it's just not going to happen. This a crime to the part time worker and a total disrespect to the concept of time.

7. What's a Schedule?: I am not sure if this happens on your bus route, but I look at the time sheet on the stop and it says the bus will be here at 3:05 and it's 2:58. Okay, the bus should be here in 7 minutes, that's a fair. 15 minutes later and a bus arrives. Absolute dog shit.

These buses need to be on time. I mean traffic or accident can happen, I get that. But the bus I take, the 73 Royal York is never on time. That is not acceptable. 

6. Surprise Streetcars: Who hasn't been on a King or Queen streetcar and finds out half way on route to Dundas West station that the streetcar is stoping at Bathrust or Dufferin. It certainly didn't say that on the streetcar when I got on, good to know that I won't be on time for that appointment. 

Now I have had a few drivers give me the heads up at times, and I honestly appreciate that. But I have been on more then a few were it ends being a surprise that no one wanted. 

5. The Cost is Too Damn High: We pay a lot of money already with the TTC. I mean 7 tokens for $20, holy pumpkins Batman that's a lot! I find this to be ridiculous because it seems to me we go to work, so we can pay for transit to keep on going to work. And it doesn't help when the TTC doesn't get you to work on time.

4. Should be Simple: I am sure many other transit organizations in other cities have their fair share of problems, mistakes and goof ups. I can understand that, especially with subway systems as big as New York and London. But how can you not maintain the TTC? Look at how simple it is, a long line across the city and a U-line in the middle, with a small line at the the top. I don't get it. From what I've been told it's an old system that hasn't been fixed in years, so now we need to play catch up and clean up. 

We can't ask for more lines on our system if we can't take care of the ones we have now.

3. Bus Line Ups, Why Not?: You know what I need, three more Dufferin buses to go with these three infront of me. Said no one ever. I think a few people have complained about this in the past, and I have seen this at Royal York station with 76 Royal York bus, it's especially annoying when the 73 Royal York takes forever to get there. 

2. Let's Not and Say We Did: This one I will admit doesn't happen too often, but I've been on my way to Kipling station and this is during daytime hours as well, and I will hear that this train is stopping at Islington and turning around. This is really annoying especially when you are trying to get to where you need to be and on time, the lack of consideration is really annoying. But again, this doesn't happen to often.

This was a bit of a write off, especially compared to number one. 

1. Rush Hour, Motherfucking Rush Hour: The great Canadian torture,  morning and evening rush hour. Where do I start? Okay so if you work anywhere from 6-9 AM all through until 5-7 PM and you take the TTC, consider yourself shit out of luck. The fact is there is nothing worst then going to a job that needs you to stand for 5 to 8 hours straight (breaks in between of course, it's still a bitch) and taking a packed train with no where to sit. And these trains aren't kind of packed or a little packed, I am talking 40 timbits in a 10 timbits box. Just imagine that for a second, it's possible but you are not going to be happy with the aftermath. 

Rush hour is a punishment to the mind, body and soul. I don't wish upon anyone. 

I would like to hope that the TTC could do something about it, maybe more trains and buses. Or at least more frequent vehicles. The thing is no one needs rush hour, if it can be something we can get rid of, then by all means get rid of this. Before new lines, before new trains, let's fix this monster called rush hour. 

Well that's all I got for now, feels good to get this off my chest and honestly everyone should complain about any product or system that you aren't happy with. We don't have to settle for less, in anything in life, we deserve the best that we can possibly get. So if you feel like I do about the TTC or about anything that you have to deal with on a day to day basis, then by all means leave a comment below or share this blog with others and let's keep the conversation going.

Until next time, keep chasing the storm.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

We Can Cry Now...

I mean where do we even start now in days. Here in Canada we got a double wammy shit show and it's not even taking place out of Sunnyvale trailer park. In Ottawa, we got PM Harper trying to clean his hands up of irresponsible spending and in Toronto we got the main event ass clown himself, Rob Ford, giving night show hosts a field as far as opening act jokes go. But I wanted to bring light to a terrible situation that took place in Argentina this past weekend, and it involves no other then Canada's own little turd pop star, Justin Bieber. This taken directly from the Alan Cross blog...

"When someone throws their national flag at you onstage, it's expected that you as a performer who cares of your fans will show some deference and respect.  Every single time I've seen this happen, the performer picks up the flag, holds it for everyone to see, waves it once or twice and either hangs it over the drums/amps or carefully bundles it off to a roadie who takes it offstage. It's only polite.

Not Justin Bieber, though.

At Saturday's show in Buenos Aires, two Argentine flags were tossed onstage.  Instead of being respective and appreciative, he used them as rags, sweeping them aside with his feet and then with a mic stand.

Just so you know, Biebs, insulting the Argentine flag carries a penalty of four years in jail."

This really pissed me off, and I can't help but feel bad for Argentina, no country deserves that kind of disrespect. I can't until this kids limelight runs out, it can't be soon enough.

In better Canadian music news, D.O.A is releasing a new DVD and are looking for help from you. D.O.A are an awesome punk band out of Vancouver and they have been thrashing and crashing about for sometime now. If you are looking for the classic and authentic kind of punk sound, look no further then these guys, if you have yet to hear about them give them a listen. Below I am going to place to links, one to their campaign page for the DVD and the second to the magazine Absolute Underground, in issue 9 it contains an interview with D.O.A done by quite an awesome interviewer if I would say so myself. But definitely check these guys out...
I just had to share this news with you guys, both good and bad news on the Canadian music scene. I got a lot of work on my hands in the next few days as I get ready for a show out in Ottawa, so keep tuned here for more posts and updates. If you have any question or comments, by all means, drop a line. Keep chasing the storm!  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I am going to blame this on writer's block.

Hey everyone, back from the grave and doing really well actually. From the last time I posted, a lot of things have changed for me. In the first place I have recently started my new part time job at Starbucks. Now I know what you'll be thinking, but why? Doesn't it suck? Why? Well let me say, yes I was worried about starting and screwing up there, but I am slowly learning the ropes and I still have not had anyone scar me with a hot cup of java. The thing is, Starbucks is a really cool place to work at for a guy like me, it's not perfect by any stretch and at the end of any shift I am out of breath, but the shifts go by really quickly and they really are cool about working around my schedule. The fact is I wasn't sure if I could manage with barely making enough at conventions and shows, I needed a source of money that I could count on. And you know what Starbucks really looks after it's employees, I get health, dental and vacation benefits. Keep in mind, this is my first job with any kinds of benefits, this is strange to me. Not to mention getting free coffee isn't too shabby either. But yeah I am now working three different jobs, two part time and one full time which is being an artist. And not to mention trying to update this old blog here as well, that's a job in of itself as well.

Also I am getting ready for the last convention this year in Ottawa and I want to try and make a decent scratch there as well, I want to get atleast three new prints for that show. So if you are going to Pop Con in Ottawa, let me know what you would like to see. I am making prints, a few postcards and I got plenty of blank variant books that I am working on as well. I should also warn everyone that I am taking part in this thing called Movember as well, so beware it's coming soon. Fear the stache.

 But yeah thought I would give a little update on what's been going on with me here and I want to keep up on this thing as daily as possible...any bets to see how long that lasts?