Thursday, 14 November 2013

We Can Cry Now...

I mean where do we even start now in days. Here in Canada we got a double wammy shit show and it's not even taking place out of Sunnyvale trailer park. In Ottawa, we got PM Harper trying to clean his hands up of irresponsible spending and in Toronto we got the main event ass clown himself, Rob Ford, giving night show hosts a field as far as opening act jokes go. But I wanted to bring light to a terrible situation that took place in Argentina this past weekend, and it involves no other then Canada's own little turd pop star, Justin Bieber. This taken directly from the Alan Cross blog...

"When someone throws their national flag at you onstage, it's expected that you as a performer who cares of your fans will show some deference and respect.  Every single time I've seen this happen, the performer picks up the flag, holds it for everyone to see, waves it once or twice and either hangs it over the drums/amps or carefully bundles it off to a roadie who takes it offstage. It's only polite.

Not Justin Bieber, though.

At Saturday's show in Buenos Aires, two Argentine flags were tossed onstage.  Instead of being respective and appreciative, he used them as rags, sweeping them aside with his feet and then with a mic stand.

Just so you know, Biebs, insulting the Argentine flag carries a penalty of four years in jail."

This really pissed me off, and I can't help but feel bad for Argentina, no country deserves that kind of disrespect. I can't until this kids limelight runs out, it can't be soon enough.

In better Canadian music news, D.O.A is releasing a new DVD and are looking for help from you. D.O.A are an awesome punk band out of Vancouver and they have been thrashing and crashing about for sometime now. If you are looking for the classic and authentic kind of punk sound, look no further then these guys, if you have yet to hear about them give them a listen. Below I am going to place to links, one to their campaign page for the DVD and the second to the magazine Absolute Underground, in issue 9 it contains an interview with D.O.A done by quite an awesome interviewer if I would say so myself. But definitely check these guys out...
I just had to share this news with you guys, both good and bad news on the Canadian music scene. I got a lot of work on my hands in the next few days as I get ready for a show out in Ottawa, so keep tuned here for more posts and updates. If you have any question or comments, by all means, drop a line. Keep chasing the storm!