Monday, 29 June 2015

Wytches Be Like...

Pledged is Pledged...

And that's a wrap on the first chapter of Wytches from Scott Synder and Jock, a tale of a family trying to survive and escape a dark curse of sorts. And after 6 issues of cliff hangers and jaw dropping moments after another, I've got to say Wytches #6 really does a hell of a job wrapping it all up and at the same time leaving you ready for more, the story will continue and I can't wait to see where it will go next. From the first issue, Wytches was able to create a sense of horror and mystery, the stories main characters were also good people you wanted to see get out of all of this alive. in Charlie, you see the struggle of a father who is trying to do best for his daughters and you see Sailor, a kid trying to make sense of everything that is going on. But you get the feeling of family, you see how together they are able to overcome any challenge in the past. But unfortunately for the Rook family, this challenge has tons of sharp teeth and is hungry. And once you are pledged, you are marked until they get you. So what can you do to escape an inescapable fate? We see that here in this issue and plenty more, so let's get to it, we are looking at Wytches #6 from Image comics.

So in the final chapter of this first arc, I felt that we do get some answer to a lot of the questions from the previous issues and a few unanswered ones as well, which is good though, we need reasons to come back for issue 7. There was a very cool book end effect with one of the first scenes from issue #1, that was actually really well done because I had no idea that the scene was going to important, I thought it was showing the viciousness of the wytches. Well it did do that as well, a two for one if you will. This is just an example of all the things done right in Wytches, every issue has been solid in writing and in the art department, being able to take a unique story and bring it to life like this should be the goal of all comic book creators. Synder creates a scenario that is horrifying and scary but doesn't feel over the top or ridiculous. The fear is real enough like a good urban legend, the kind of stories that really mess with your head, are there really creatures waiting to eat me in the woods? Maybe or maybe it's all in your head. And with Jock, his art is able to convey the same feelings of fear and the unknown. Some pages look like a drawn out nightmare and they look incredible, Jock has an undeniable style that his own and it works perfectly for this story. These two have made an incredible run so far and I hope they continue on until the story is finished. 

This is a highly recommended title for all horror comic book fans and even those who are just looking for something new to read. What I love most about Wytches in general is that it has a very Silent Hill feel to it, a psychological horror if you will. And I don't know about you guys, but that is probably my favourite kind of horror. So I highly suggest everyone gives this book and series a read as soon as you can, I have heard they are going to make a TV series based on Wytches, which I hope is on the ball and as good as the book. Unless you are a little kid or don't like scary things at all, I see no reason why you shouldn't be reading Wytches.

But I ask, have you guys read Wytches? And if so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message over on Twitter (@ChileanStorm) and let's talk some Wytches. I had a pretty bad start of my week, I think I got food poisoning or a flu or both, not to mention my whole body felt like dry broken bones, so I am trying to change things up in my life, cutting back on the junk food and going to bed early to get 8 hours of sleep. Also got to get more active and moving more and what not. And you should as well. Take it from me, I am 28 and just some days ago I felt like I was 45, I was sore and hurt all over. So please take care of yourselves. You are important. But that's all the time I have for now, plenty more comic books to catch up with and share with all of you lovely little storm clouds. Until then, keep chasing the storm!