Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hail the Snail!

Storm back from a busy busy week (that's two times busy) and writing out a blog here on this gorgeous Saturday night here in Toronto. What else was I going to do? Okay, so first thing is first, a big and massive thank you to the Silver Snail comics store in the heart of the downtown core for hosting me on Wednesday and Saturday! I can't thank you guys enough for making the time and space for me and my fellow artist on these days and for the rest of the team this July. If you live in the GTA and you haven't been to the Silver Snail, it is a landmark for all comic book fans, check it out as soon as you possibly can. Another big thank goes out to everyone who came by the table and looked at some art, chatted for a bit and hey maybe even got to take home some awesome ChileanStorm one of a kind artwork. Thank you guys so much, I hope you guys enjoy all the silly cool covers and prints, and also be sure to represent with those stickers as well. Let the world know that you going to settle for less, you are a storm now and nothing is impossible. If you want some stickers as well, be sure to get some cool art from me next time you get a chance. 

So I think you guys like Adventure Time. Just a hunch but you guys snagged my latest two covers really quickly, so a heads up next time you see one of my covers that you like, get it fast, cause they sell really quickly. It's great though, cause I love working on these, creating new teams with the Adventure Time casts is always great and getting them in action, such a blast! I am working on new Adventure Time mash up prints as well, so be sure to get those as soon as you can as well, at Fan Expo they could go very quickly. But a big thank you as well to all the storm clouds who got some original on the spot art from me as well, I had a blast drawing everything from Doctor Doom to even a superhero Lego battle.

So as you may or may not know, I love getting swag or picking up new comics and what not, and being at the Snail, there was plenty that I wanted to take home. But I ended up settling with a few copies of Rocket Raccoon (support Skottie, review blog coming soon), two Adventure Time DVD's, a Jake the Dog hat and a Doctor Who vinyl figure, of the 11th Doctor, my personal favourite Doctor so far. There was a lot of blind boxes from Kid Robot that I wanted to grab as well, but I figured me and Toby need to actually open a few of the ones we already have before I get some more.  The life of a geek, beautiful thing ain't it.

Well that was one part of my busy week, I got some commission work to get cracking on and going into the shop as well, and plenty of comic book blogs coming up guys, don't you worry. By all means comment below, send or share with friends and keep it tuned here for more ChileanStorm related news. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

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