Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Raccoon is Real...

So off the bat I am going to be very straight up here before I get into this review. I love Skottie Young. As an artist this man has single handily captured my imagination. His ability to create wild and fun pieces that are filled with character is incredible and I can easily say he is the best comic book artist of the modern age and take a spot as one of the greats of all time. Huge fan much? No kidding. His work on the Oz books was incredible, his massive collection of works on the various Marvel variants is amazing and unbelievable, any time he does any kind of work it's a great to see. And if Mr.Young ever gets the chance to read this, I just want to say that everyday I strive to be the kind of artist you are to me to the next generation of up and coming artist, and I won't stop until I get to the top. 

With that said, let's take a look at the latest ongoing Marvel Now series, both written and drawn by the legendary Skottie Young, the out of this world adventures of Rocket Raccoon. 

With the next big movie from Marvel studios getting ready to launch this August, Marvel is feeding the hype meter with various new Guardians of the Galaxy content, from new books to new solo series, like Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon. For those who have no idea about the character, let me give you a basic idea on why he is an awesome comic book character. He is a talking walking raccoon...with guns. Let me rephrase that, massive huge weapons of destruction. A wielding space raccoon, what more do you need to know? He is a member of the galactic hero core known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has a best buddy named Groot, a large talking tree giant. How cool is that? And now starring in his own solo book, he has all the gun shooting and ass kicking you could want in one book, not to mention Rocket is quite the ladies man apparently. Who takes a first date to a wrestling match? Rocket does, that's who. So now that you know the character, let's take a look at the book itself.

If I could say amazing and go get it right away, that would be the end of my blog, because seriously it's amazing and you should totally go get it! I am trying hard not to take into consideration my deep love for Skottie Young and all, but impossible not, especially since he writes and draws this adventure out. This book has a great sense of fun and adventure, a book that doesn't make you feel guilty just for reading it, this kind of feeling is the one that is lost in most Superman books now in days. It's not to say there isn't a mystery going on in the background with Rocket being framed, some possible relatives and how he got into some serious trouble with some very very angry ladies. There's a lot to look forward in the upcoming issues and some elements that will no doubt be tied in with the current run of Guardians of the Galaxy. A visual treat for the eyes, those who have been waiting on a new Skottie Young drawn book, it has been worth the wait. A ton of great expressions, crazy characters, eye popping colour make this the best looking book in the market today. I can't stress this out enough, get this book. If you are tired of the same old from Marvel and DC comics, let them know that you want something different, you want more Skottie Young and more Rocket Raccoon. 

So what do you think? I am a little bit crazy of Skottie Young or am I on to something here? Did you read it and what did you think? Leave your comments below and stay tuned here for more comic book reviews coming up this week. Stay crazy and keep chasing the storm.