Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Devil on the Road...

I am huge Daredevil fan, have been since I remember getting into the comic book scene, I always loved his stories and anything Daredevil related. So looking back after reading up Daredevil: Road Warrior, I am left with a bit of a head scratcher in terms of how to review this book for you. So this was a digital only comic that made it's way to print and it follows Daredevil on the road from New York all the way to his new home in San Francisco. And sure travel is great and all if there's a story to be told, it's interesting to see how Matt Murdock's hyper senses react to planes, trains and auto mobiles.  But all things considered, could I really recommended this book...?

Daredevil #0.1 or Daredevil: Road Warrior is written by the current series writer, Mark Waid, who is doing a great job so far with this new located man without fear. So the dialogue and the action all stays in the same flow as the current Marvel Now story. The art is done by Peter Krause, who while not Chris Samnee still is able to capture the same kind of feel and energy from each page. Taking the devil out of Hell's Kitchen doesn't bug me too much, it makes sense as to why it happened and it's a new challenge, can Daredevil exist in another location? I am sure some fans aren't too happy about the move in general, but I am open to new ideas and possibilities, especially if it means trying to find some new adventures and stories. So basically on a book creation kind of way, there is nothing wrong with this issues, if anything it holds up really well on the writing and panel work alone. My problem with the book is the existence of said book. At the end, I was left wondering what this story really told, how much does it matter to the current and past tales of Daredevil, what questions did it answer and is it really worth the cover price? And to these questions, I've got to say, it really doesn't do much of anything.

That's not to say that it's a bad book, it's just a story for the sake of being a story. It's fun and has some great fighting scenes and an interesting concept as well, that given more time and possibly more issues could have been something really cool to see. But as a stand alone issue that doesn't really get you anywhere in general, it's hard to really recommend to the everyday comic book fan. However if you are a huge Daredevil fan, then by all means complete the collection. It is a lot of fun, but those who aren't familiar with Waid's current run of Daredevil, you don't have much reason to pick it up.

So that's my take on this one shot sort of story, I woke up bright and early to do this one before I go to work. The summer is possibly going to change me into a morning guy, might try to do some morning jogs and workouts as well, make the most of my days. But I gotta go get ready, but I will be back with more comic book reviews and ChileanStorm news as the days go by, until then guys keep chasing the storm!