Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada, Frig Yes!

That's right, frig. It's a Canadian thing for those who don't know, from a cult classic TV series we got here, Trailer Park Boys. The term "frig" comes from my favourite character on the show, Randy, a former male prostitute who loves cheeseburgers and doesn't wear shirts, he also has a massive hairy gut and is in a relationship with a drunken trailer park supervisor. You just can't find TV like that anywhere you look. One of the many things I love about this great nation that I live in, Canada. And it being Canada Day and all, I want to let you guys know, especially my readers from else where in the world, why I love my home of Canada and why you should totally come for a visit! 

I get asked a lot on where I was born, and here is my answer so you know. I was born here in Toronto, Canada. I have no background though from Canada, that is all Chilean, thus you know being ChileanStorm and all that. But I am so proud to also be a Canadian, extremely proud and grateful as well. Canada is a country that not only took in my parents, but also many Chileans looking for an opportunity to start a new life after our home was destroyed by the military dictatorship. I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for Canada, this country has taught me many lessons, to be polite but to be strong, to work hard for your goals and helps those around you. Canada embodies all of these traits. There are so many things we may take for granted here that we should really be grateful for, from library access to freedom of speech and identity, we have the right to be the person we truly want to be. And you know we have a lot of work ahead of us still to make Canada even better and to keep our great white North, strong and free. That means voting people, that means standing up for our rights and others, that means love in the face of ignorance and hatred. This our country, let's make it a great one. 

But why come to Canada? What should I see if I do end up going? That's a big question, because there are many reasons why you should come to Canada, plenty of festivals going on, great beer, amazing beautiful people all around, hockey, the amazing forest and wild life up North, the unique styles of Quebec, the ocean and the mountains out in British Columbia, Toronto is an incredible city (the centre of the universe, just ask the rest of Canada) and plenty more and more. If you do come here, you have got to try some heart clogging goodness of poutine, and if your heart rate doesn't slow down after eating, it wasn't Canadian enough. We also have really awesome Smoked Meat sandwiches and Beaver Tails, as well as plenty of coffee and doughnuts. Also something to know, Canadians party hard! If you have a big hockey game on and said city team wins in the playoffs, you will party until dawn. Speaking of hockey, we got plenty to see here from the NHL to OHL, AHL and plenty of other leagues around the country. And while the Maple Leafs are due a Stanley Cup, hopefully soon or at least once before I bite the bullet, when they do win (and they will), it is going to be an incredible party!

Doesn't get anymore Canadian then this.
But that's all the time I've got for now, going to be doing another blog later tonight, but giving you guys a heads up for tomorrow, I will be at Silver Snail sketching all day and selling some amazing art! So tell your friends and family, come down and take some awesome art home! Until then, party hard but be safe and a very happy Canada to everyone! Keep chasing the storm...eh.