Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A New York Storm of Mind... (Part 2)

Back and back again! So where was I last time...? 

Right, the Special Edition Comic Con in New York City! Man, it was a really awesome crowd, you guys that came out this weekend really love your comics and love your artwork, and we really appreciate all the love we got for our works. A lot of creative commissions were created as well, including the awesome sketch shoe idea, there was also original characters drawn and even a few anime characters drawn up as well. And the amount of great travel at the show as well was an incredible experience to see as well, newcomers and professionals alike shared the floor room and it was just an incredible experience to take a part in. But as the show was coming to an end on Saturday, I was looking forward to going out and seeing more of the city, and trying out some New York unique food. 

We decided to hit up Shake Shack, according to the masses this is the best burger joint in the town. According to some our New York guides, it wasn't that good but since we were here anyways, might as well try it out. We didn't wait too long though, about ten minutes to get through the crowd and order up our burgers. I decided to go all out and get the Smoke Shack burger, which was a spicy based kind of burger. I am not the best with spices, most of  the time I will avoid it if I can. But that being said, this was a damn good burger. The best burger I have ever had? Not really. But I will say it is worth a try at least once if you are in town and looking to try out some unique burgers. We decided to hit up some pubs afterwards and watch some World Cup futbol and have a few drinks. I am aware of a lot of the controversy surrounding this current World Cup, but I got to say, man this is really the best time to watch some good futbol games. With plenty of food and drinks in our bellies, we set off back to the boat to get ready for our last day in the big city. 

I am going to blame this on the drinks, but I had a feeling that the boat was a bit more rockier then usually on Sunday morning. Never the less, we packed up and made our way to the show. This day was more quite though, and I guess it makes sense if you take into account that it was Father's Day and all. But still, we got a lot of people coming in and getting some artwork and I decided to take the time and see some of the sights and maybe get a few more things to bring back home. I found a lot of cheap comics, $2 for variant copies and blank covers, which include the Skottie Young variant for Angela's first appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. I also went to Midtown Comics and got the J.Scott Campbell exclusive variant for Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl as well, it's really cool to get my hands on these especially. I went to look for some blind boxes as well, gathering a lot of these for mine and Toby's YouTube show, What Chu Got There. I found some How to Train Your Dragon 2 vinyl figures, and I even grabbed a horror icon blind box for my sister as well. I went around and got rid of all my $1 American bills, I don't know how you guys to it down there, but I managed to find some more copies of Batman: The Dark Knight, the issues with the Scarecrow. I went over my general disappointment with that run, particularly in the end, but hey, it looks amazing for sure. So after an awesome time at the show, we decided to hit the town, one last time and get some last minute purchases, which includes for me some Vinylmation figures and a Flounder plushie. I am one step closer to being Ariel people. One day.

But as you know, we had to get back on the road and back home to Canada. Needless to say, this trip was an incredible experience. To all my friends in the States, you guys have a lovely place and an incredible city, a lot to be proud of for sure. And I know me and all my art brothers are ready to come back and see more of  the States. I really hope I can come back for the October show, I hear it's pretty legendary! But there you have it guys, my first time to New York City, a trip I will never forget. But it's back to work for me here in Toronto, a lot of work and projects to do, so I can't stop! Nor should you, keep at it and never stop working for what you want! Keep chasing the storm!