Monday, 16 June 2014

A New York Storm of Mind... (Part 1)

Back and back again!

Holy cow guys, what an awesome weekend I just had. Granted my sleep and eating habits are something that needs more fixing especially after being on the road that long, and sleeping on a boat as well. But it was worth it, and I honestly can't wait to do it again! As always though, I got to give a big thank you to the great crowds that came out this weekend to Special Edition Comic Con, it would be nothing with out you guys. To my travel mates and brothers, Kevin, Vince and Joe. Or as we want to be known as, "The Beauty School Drop-outs". And to our fellow artist next to us in the Artist Alley, wicked getting to know even more and more talent in this big world. But on to the weekend and the many moments it had in store...

Me & Cap'n Sunico.

So it was two nights and three days, but it felt like a week there if not longer. Granted leaving on the Thursday evening and getting to New Jersey in the morning, my senses were all whacked. We did have some wicked breakfast omelette though, really good stuff and we did a walk of the marina as well to kill off sometime before we could move into our boat. When noon came we were able to get settled into our little boat house for the weekend, pretty sweet boat with internet, TV, fridge, two rooms as well. The bathroom was really small though, so we had to use the marina bathroom during our stay, but other than that it was an awesome time on our beauty boat. I got to relax and watch some Machete Kills, the drivers needed to get a few hours of sleep before we could go out and see the city. After a quick nap, we went off to the big apple to see some of the many sights in town, and also to see a certain World Cup game...cough Chile cough. And I guess with some luck we got washed by a massive rain storm (oh hey), so we had to seek shelter and it was almost game time anyway. I will probably write up a little something on La Roja a bit later, I don't want to take up time on that here, but if you must know...we won! So plenty to celebrate after the rain cleared, I even got to do a victory celebration with other Chileans in Time Square. But we got to see all the crazy big stores and enjoyed plenty of food that night, it was hard but we had the show the next morning, so we had to get back to the boat.

Oh hey. Me & Kevin.

Up bright and early and rocking quite a bit, but hey that's a boat for you. We made our way across back to NYC and to the convention centre. After setting up shop and getting breakfast, I was ready to make some sales for my mentors and my brothers. It was an awesome and early crowd at the show on Saturday, some really cool cosplayers as well. I wanted to do some convention exploring but it got really busy with a lot of commission request early coming in and me doing all the print sales. I really hope a lot of you got to enjoy all the original artworks you got, I saw some really killer ones being done, from original characters to Daredevil and Deadpools. We even got the chance to help out in drawing on some blank shoes, a wicked idea for any kind of comicbook show. And hey, even I sold a few copies of the Adventure Time and Pokemon prints, so a big thank you New York, I hope to bring more Storm art next time!

And with that said I am going to make this a two part blog, helps cut the reading and what not, see you guys in part two! Keep chasing the storm!