Sunday, 22 June 2014

To Victory!

Storm note: Should have posted this a bit more earlier...whatever it's 2014.


Wow! Holy beans Batman! We did it. Chile eliminated Spain from the World Cup. This is a thing now, it's a part of history and yeah in terms of futbol, this is a big deal! I mean any win for Chile in these tournaments is a big deal, the people celebrate and party until the next day. But beating Spain, the previous champions and who have beaten us in the last ten encounters we have had against them, well damn, that is something to savor. And hey I will be the first to admit that Chile is not the best country in terms of futbol, we are known for our wines, mines and well our fantastic artist and poets. So to be able to say we toppled the kings, well it's an amazing feeling. I will say this though, this is a different team then the one that won in South Africa four years ago, everyone can see that, and maybe the crown was too heavy on these heads. With an awful first game against Holland, a rematch from the last tournaments championship, you could tell that Spain was shook. How does something like that even happen? I felt bad just watching that game. So going into this game, I didn't what to expect, no one did, but man I am I happy for this outcome.

Not only did Chile keep Spain off the score sheet, we managed to score twice and those were some pretty sweet goals if you ask me. These will be the goals that Chileans will be talking about for ages! And you know what though, I still remember when Spain beat Chile in the last tournament, I will never forget Spain's first goal on us, the Chilean goalie was all the way up in the field like almost at the centre and then the Spanish striker steals the ball and kicks it in from a very far away distance. It was brutal. So yeah I am going to remember this victory really well and enjoy it as well. I feel bad that Spain was eliminated, but hey, it's the way she goes. And with the way things usually go, Chile will face Brazil next round and get eliminated. This is a thing, I have seen it twice already in two different World Cup tournaments. So I am going to enjoy Monday's game against Netherlands, regardless if we win or if we lose and just enjoy what's left of Chilean futbol on the big screen. And hey, I could be wrong as well. We could see something more from La Roja, we did eliminate Spain, anything is possible. 

I don't even know or care...this is greatness in a picture.

Thank you again guys for reading, and at the end of the day, lets all enjoy some World Cup futbol right? It's a great and fun tournament, let's not get salty and bitter and stuff. I got plenty more in store, so stay tuned guys and if you want comment below and I will get back to you. Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

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