Monday, 2 June 2014

Falls to the Con...

Hey Storm Clouds, a heads up and all to everyone who will be going to the Niagara Comic Con this weekend, me the ChileanStorm will be at the show with the fantastic talent of Spent Pencils on hand as well at the artist alley. So if you are looking for some unique art and/or you need to get some awesome Adventure Time prints, I am your man! I also have a lot of my sketch covers available, from $20 to $40 each, and I will throw in a free print of mine as well with the purchase! If you want commissions done as well, let me know and I can have it ready for you! 

So be sure to check us out as we will be there all weekend long, ready to meet and greet with new and old fans alike. I've got some possible new prints in the work as well that I want to have ready for the show. Stay tuned y'all and keep chasing the storm!