Wednesday, 16 April 2014

GTA Comic Con...

Hey guys, ChileanStorm here with a quick post to let y'all know what's going on this Saturday over at the GTA Comic Con. This is a first time show but it's a great chance to go do the comic convention thing with some breathing room, not to mention not a lot of shows going on during the Winter or Spring time, so it's a great chance to see all the artist and creators and stock up on back issues of She-Hulk and Beta Ray Bill. This weekends show will also be hosting a few of the talented artist from Spent Pencils as well, so bring your sketch covers and commissions, the boys and girls will be ready to blow your minds away. The team for this show will be...

  • Briana Chan
  • Nicholas Lukic
  • Oliver Castaneda
  • Rico Valdes
  • Vince Sunico
So remember guys, the show starts at 10:00 AM, so be early. It will take place at Sheraton Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, 801 Dixon Road. So be sure to give these guys plenty of love and make this GTA Comic Con the first of many. We thank everyone who come out and support us all the time, we wouldn't be here without you guys.

Spent the love and keep chasing the storm! 

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