Monday, 14 April 2014

Rocket Fuel...

Last week the wrestling world lost one of its most iconic superstars to ever enter the squared circle...or should I say run in and shake the roof off every building. You couldn't make sense of his words if you wanted to, but you didn't have to because he would always break the hype meter into pieces. I am talking about of course, the one and only, from Parts Unknown, the Ultimate Warrior! And he will be missed by many, a childhood hero for my generation and one of the biggest superstars of our time. I know me and plenty of my wrestling fan friends will miss him for sure. But it's times when you finish a whole day of work between three different jobs that I need to fuel my inner Warrior.


...or something like that.

So guess who's tired? If you said this guy, you would be correct. But I can't stop now, so much yet to do. I still have a lot of art to catch up on and to post online as well, not to mention doing this blog update. I want to bitch and complain, I want a bed to sleep in forever, but you know what I am not going to get anything done like that. I am not going to pay off my debts and save my money, I am not going to be able to go anywhere. So this more a post to those who a running on fumes, those who pumping coffee and monster through your veins. Keep at it. Don't stop. Don't quit. It's hard and it's going to take a lot out of you, but we can do this, I know we can.

No one can hear a wind whisper, that's why we are storms. Keep chasing the storm warriors.  

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