Friday, 23 May 2014

Tubby Wubbly...

Well shit. I got a gut.

And you know what sucks, as I write this blog of self hating for letting myself go, my gut is yelling at me to eat. What the hell man? Have you finally expanded into infinity?! And it's only my gut here, my arms and legs are still long twigs and all. I literally have a food baby in me. I want to take my fat and ship it to Yellowknife or Nunavut, somewhere cold where they would appreciate more whale blubber. I mean what the hell happened? When did I let myself go so badly?

The answers is many; the lack of sleep, the not so great eating habits, skipping meals, no exercise and probably a few other things I forgot to mention. Pretty much, I am rocking a keg to the party. 

This is not okay. Actually I am kind of freaking out in my own skin. This needs to change. So we are going to work together to make sure that it happens. I am going to be tracking myself here, post progress pictures and all that stuff. Let's turn this keg into a six pack. I know a lot of friends have told me not to get a gym membership, due to my lack of funds, but I think we my job I can get a really good deal. Not to mention I can see if my YMCA one still works. Regardless I need to make it a habit to go and workout as much as I possibly can, before work and/or after work. I got a lot of fat to burn. But hey I am also all ears to any tips and advice you guys can give me.

Is this shallow? Yes. Self concious? Absolutely. But you know what, I can admit it. But this is also trying to get into a habit of a healthier life style. I am only a few years from the big 3 and 0, so I got to start now to take care of myself and my health. That and let's face it, I am trying to impress men and women out there, can't pick up anyone looking like Kamala. Let's get this storm moving!