Monday, 16 September 2013

Tripping Montreal

What a weekend, I don't know where exactly to start this blog off. I guess I personally would like to thank everyone who came to the Spent Pencils table at the Artist Alley at the Montreal Comic Con 2013, to everyone who came to get a print, a drawing or a commission, thank you very much for all the support you give us, we really appreciate it. Another personal thank you to everyone who came to my side of the table, you guys really loved the Avengers Time and Loki Lemongrab prints. I got a lot more of these kind of ideas coming in the near future, so stay tuned and see what will be coming next. And also by all means, feel free to drop a suggestion here or on Twitter, I want to hear more from all of you. I got a chance to meet a lot of new people this weekend, I want to give a special thanks to Vanessa, I was honored to draw your Drogo commission and I am totally stoked you got it signed by Jason Momoa. Truly honored, thank you so much. And I would also like to thank and give mad props to a lot of the amazing cosplayers out this weekend in Montreal, tons and tons of amazing looking costumes to be seen this weekend. But I have to give major props and high fives to these Cosplay pairs; the first one being the Science Bros, I have a huge crush for this pairing, and you guys really represented for Tony and Bruce. And also mad props to the Ariel and Prince Eric cosplayers, you brought The Little Mermaid to life and that means a lot to me, as that is my absolute favourite Disney movie of all time. And a big thanks to everyone who took part in the Alvaro and Paul Con Pictures, be sure to check back on the SP Facebook page for the updated pictures from Montreal.

We also got a chance to go out on Friday and Saturday night to take in the city, culture and food from Montreal. And I must say, it's quite a beautiful city, plenty of unique looking buildings with an night life atmosphere that fuels the city. On Friday night we also got to do a little dinner birthday celebration for Tea, plenty of food and an awesome cake dessert. Glad we could all celebrate with you lil bro. It was also great to finally try the world famous Schwartz sandwiches, and my God, you really do need to try these sandwiches! An understatement if I said this was the best sandwich I've ever had, this is the best sandwich in the world. Prove me wrong, but as it stands Schwartz is number one. A must go to stop for anyone visiting Montreal. And on Saturday night, me and Tea went to explore the night life and get lost in the city. It's a bit confusing at first, but it is definitely a site to see, from the lakeside to the old town, Montreal looks fantastic. But be very careful when crossing the streets, the drivers are pretty harsh to say the least. But all things considered, I was very impressed by Montreal.

  I also want to take this time a give a few shout outs to all my friends in the Artist Alley community, everyone keeps pumping out incredible work every time a new show rolls around and you definitely inspire me to keep working and working the days away. So a shout out to the talented Mike Rooth, Lamin Martin, Christopher YaoNext Genesis Comics and everyone in the Artist Alley.  A big thanks to Nicole Chartrand for coming by the SP table and saying hi to Tea, it was really awesome of you to stop by and I was glad to share with you a Lemongrab Loki print. Thanks a lot and be sure to check out her web comic here, Fey Winds. Also a big thanks to the Two Best Friends Play guys, I love the shows on YouTube and it was super cool to get a chance to talk with you guys at the show, love the shows and if you haven't seen them, be sure to subscribe to the funniest video game channel on YouTube. And last but not least, a big thank you to the greatest family in the world, Spent Pencils! To Hugh, Marvin, Paul, Gerard, Arnold, Daniel, Oliver, Kevin, Maddsketch, Tea and Vince. There's no one I would rather spend my time with, and it's always on honored to work with the family. Thank you all.

I had an amazing time this weekend, and honestly I can't wait to come back. I am looking forward to the return, thanks again Montreal! 

 Keep chasing the storm.