Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Chilean in Storm

"You're Chilean?" 

If I had a 100 pesos for every time I heard that line. I get it though. I mean on a first look, I guess I don't really look Chilean. But I am not sure what nation I look like to be honest, but I know what I am and honestly that's all I need to know. I am a man of two nations and extremely proud of both, I am a Canadian and a Chilean. But today I am going to be going over my Chilean roots and why I am proud to be a ChileanStorm!

Both my mom and dad are from Chile and came to Canada in the late 70's due to the terrible state of affairs that Chile was in. After the military take over in 72, there was not much for the people in Chile, opportunity and success were to be found else where. Many and I mean many Chileans left the country in search of the perfect home to start a new life.  And my parents found home in Canada. From the very start though, I was raised as a Chilean from the language to the food and the little mannerism as well. Then I moved to Chile for a few years in my youth, I learned a lot more on the people and the land. I saw a country in the process of rebuilding all that was lost, especially after all that was taken. I am very proud of every single Chilean who endured and stayed strong to recreate the country that they knew, a strong and proud nation that rose from the ashes of a dictatorship. Even when I got back to Canada, I had great pride knowing that in my heart I was part Chilean. 

And I noticed that everyone who came to Canada from another country were proud of their roots and heritage,  and with good reasons as well. So I felt it was necessary to represent for my nation and my people as well. It wasn't until much later though in my life that I wanted to use the name ChileanStorm, my artist name if you will. I needed to make my name, the name I would be using for a few years to come, and I wanted a name that could describe me and everything that I am in that name. I wanted people to know of my roots, because I am proud of what Chileans represent; pride, strength and courage. To have a dream and work hard at it, that even through the darkest days...this fire burns always. Yeah that's a Killswitch song, but it applies and I can definitely relate to that feeling. And that any success and fame that would come my way, people will know it's Chilean. For my country and for my family. 

So after a beautiful and extremely delicious September 18th, it goes with out saying that I will always carry Chile in my heart, no matter where I go. So keep chasing this ChileanStorm and viva Chile siempre!