Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Best Two...

It's kind of cool how somethings work out in life. I always felt a little out of place growing up in schools or, well most social places. It's not that I couldn't talk to people or anything, that was always easy for me, meeting new people and making friends, not a problem, I am piratically a modern day hippie. Except you know, I shower and stuff. My thing was trying to find that one friend, that one person who really gets you. And I mean like seriously gets you, they understand the way you watch an anime series with the attention of a modern day peace rally speech or why you would decided to find every single issue with your favourite super villain in it. They get you. To most people you would be considered strange, odd, different, etc. But that's just the way you are, and they accept all of you for it. And sometimes you get lucky and find two amazing people who get it, and they happen to have back to birthdays. So this here is my tribute to them, Dave Edwards and Tea Medeiros! We may have been brought together by art, but it's all the crazy little things that made us really connect; Tea is practically my twin, it's actually kind of weird but with more sass and class. Dave is the kind of friend I wish I grew up with when I was a kid, he loves fighting games and anime and wrestling as much if not even more then I do. But the best part of having Dave and Tea in my life, is being able to work with them in Spent Pencils and grow together, learning and improving on different art techniques and watching one and other grow. We got a long road ahead of us for sure, but it's going to be one hell of a journey that we will share together. In the group of SP, I guess you could say we are the Young Spentvengers! 

We totally need to finish the rest of the team though...that would be awesome! 

But yeah, I wanted to wish the happiest and greatest birthday to both you guys! So much love for both of you, for being some of the best friends, hell best brothers that I guy like me could ask for. I can't wait to grow and evolve with you two and the rest of SP family. 

So if you have anyone special in your life, let them know. And love them with all your heart. Sounds mushy? Sure, but how many times will you find a friend like these. I am lucky enough to find these two.