Friday, 30 August 2013

The Storm at the Expo...

A whole year has passed. It's crazy but when I wanted to start plugging this blog more and more, it was this time last year, after paying for my Fan Expo table and trying to imagine, me at the biggest show of the year here in Toronto, Canada, simply trying to make a name for myself. I couldn't even imagine it at all, I was scared and nervous, but I was also too hyped and giddy to let that show. And honestly, it's crazy to think back and realize that it just came and went, and I honestly couldn't be happier. But really I think back as well and I can't wait for next year as well, I can't wait for the next shows and all the different events that are coming up in the near future. So how exactly did my weekend go? With four days and three nights to cover, I will do my best to keep this as short as possible, but I can't make any promises, so grab a coffee...this may take awhile.

Day 1:

Set up day, man I was so happy to be there. Artist Alley, you know the guy who was jumping up and down, doing the Daniel Bryan "Yes Yes Yes" chant...yeah, that was me. I was so happy though, I couldn't believe it, me at Fan Expo. And seeing all my fellow Spent Pencils members, not to mention the new additions to the crew, the talented comic book artists and writer friends as well, not to mention everyone who was setting up, it was hard not to be excited. When the show started I decided to do a free warm up sketch, got to get working as soon as possible. It's a good way to get to meet new people as well, and I really do want to interact with as many people at these shows as possible. And before the night was up, I got my first commission of the show as well. 

After the show we decided to go out for dinner, which you know we did every single night, crazy but true. Afterwards a few us shared a few rounds of rum and drinks, which apparently I can't hold too well. Thanks Tea and Carly for letting me crash in the room.

Day 2:

Like any good day, I started this one by crashing to the ground. That will wake you up. Anyways, I had quite a few errands to run all over town, so I didn't get to the show until later in the afternoon. However, I did get to go and pick up the prints that I had ordered from Guerrilla Printing, and a big thanks to those guys on the amazing work as well. So as soon as I got to the show I set up all my prints in the my book and had them ready for everyone to take a look. I did pretty well during the day as well, sold a few of the Pokemon prints and got more commission homework to take home and work on.

But I didn't go home, after the show we went to get some dinner and afterwards it was on towards the Revival club for the Rue Morgue after show party with The Birthday Massacre! Man that show was awesome, I started watching the show at the back enjoying a few drinks, by the end of the night I was right at the very front. An amazing show, love the energy and the feedback with the crowd. I would love to go see them again and you should too, check out there work at this link, here: The Birthday Massacre.

Day 3:

Not much sleep was had, I was up and early to get ready for the biggest day of the weekend. I had to add some finishing touches to one of my commissions, an Adventure Time sketch cover with Marceline beating the crap out of Lemongrab. I loved how it turned out and it was a blast to work on as well, check it out as well and see what you think. After finishing one it's onto the next project, all the while selling a lot of my Pokemon prints and helping out to sell a lot of cap'n Sunico's prints, and any chance I get to help out anyone in my Spent family, I will do so! A lot of friends, old and new came by the table as well and it was great to feel all the love from everyone who has been with me along the way, thank you so much guys! And also a few of the band members from The Birthday Massacre came by our table, which was amazing! I had to hook them up with a few prints, totally blown away on how totally cool they were! Seriously, check these guys out!

The night we went out to Denny's for our traditional Spent Pencil eating joint, with a few of the new members as well! I was starving, I had three orders of food including a couple of pancakes, a burger and a wrap. Let me tell you, no sleep is better then deep sleep. Needless to say I passed out as soon as I got to cap'n Go's place, still ready for one more day.

Day 4: 

At last, the final day of the show, really bitter sweet kind of feeling for sure. I mean it's great to get back to a normal sleep pattern, but I had a blast all four of these days and could keep going on and on. But all things must come to an end at some point. I had all my commissions finished and picked up on this day and surprisingly as well I was able to sell a few of my blank covers that I've done, including a last minute purchase as well, which is always an awesome feeling.  But it was great show and a great experience, I had a blast spending my weekend with the people I care most about in this world, there's nothing I wouldn't do for anyone from the Spent Pencils family. 

And of course any day wouldn't be complete without Denny's.

But I just wanted to say a really big, huge thank you to everyone who came by the Spent Pencils table, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and all the support we get along the way, so thank you for the support and be sure to spread the word, tell friends and family and everyone you can, so we can make this Spent world bigger and bigger. And how it has grown, I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of the new pencils that have been added to the family, welcome guys to the crew and if there's anything I can do for any of you guys and girls, let me know. 

It's a brave and exciting world, and you know what...I can't wait for what comes next. Are you ready? 

Some YouTube Storm Vlog as well...