Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Feeling down...

...to Earth!

Okay, so that was a little bit of a troll move there, but I am feeling a little zen right now. I am just trying to seeing things with a light head now with only a few days left until the big show, Fan Expo. So this is a time for everyone to panic, but either I am really stupid or unaware, but I am not stressed. And I think there's something wrong with me because of this. I want to join this stress party, it seems fun or something. But honestly I see it like this, I wasn't able to finish my book in time but I am okay with this because I want to do a good job on the book. It's a blast though, I am trying to throw in as much content and as much small little easter eggs as well in each panel. It's a lot of fun but also labor of love and I want to do a great job, but truth be told it will be filled with mistakes, but such is life. As for  my prints, I still need to get them printed so I am guessing it will be a little late, but better late then never. Not to mention I like the look of these and I am excited to be working on more with my colorist, she did an amazing job. I am not worried cause I think of this weekend as a learning opportunity, honestly any sale I make is going to be awesome but I am expecting to make nothing. If anything I will be shorter on funds cause who doesn't want to pick up a few books while at the convention, not to mention food and drinks. But this show I need to watch, learn and meet new people, I need to make people know about me, my legend needs to begin here. I just really want to start a small following, something to get my name going.

And I am not sure what's going on with me, but I've always been a bit of a strange fella I suppose.

I am actually just looking forward to seeing my Spent family this weekend, I love these guys and girls so much, there are truly a big part of me and the next chapter of my life. But that also brings me to closing up things in the old chapter, I am a little worried about money making in the next few weeks but I have faith in myself. I will have to say goodbye to old friends and co-workers, but it will be a death and rebirth for me, one falls and a new Alvaro rises from the ashes. 

Next chapter begins soon...