Friday, 12 December 2014

Editorial: Excelsior to the Nuts

Why do you do it Marvel?

You create some incredible characters, an amazing legacy, hire the best artist in the industry and even give us an incredibly detailed movie universe. And we thank you for it with tons and tons of our hard earned cash. No one needs to buy comic books, we want to buy comic books. So then, why are you so quick to give your loyal fan base a constant kick in the groin? The big dump you took on us this week was the big reveal in AXIS issue 7, with Magneto and his kids, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Apparently Marvel wanted to pull a Maury, because Magneto is not the father! Wait. What? Are you meaning to tell me that House of M means squat now? And what about Tommy (Speed) and Billy (Wiccan)? The Children's Crusade was one of my favourite stories Marvel ever released, the idea of these characters all coming together to create a family was a beautiful moment. So does that even matter anymore? At this point I am waiting for the kids to be revealed as an imaginary essence of Wanda's psyche, the knife is already in the heart, you might as well finish the job. And I am honestly puzzled as hell about this. Because Marvel is destroying a lot of comics in an effort to have all the movie rights back in their hands, but it is us, the loyal comic book fans who get to suffer for it.

So in an attempt to separate the twins from the X-Men universe, Marvel thought it would be great to have Magneto not their father and now we will find out the twins will possibly not be mutants. Because instead of House of M ending in self sacrifice, we will now have Wanda commit an absolute hate crime of pure genocide. Hurray. But why do all this? For the movies, duh. Because you can't have a guy who might be mildly interested in buying comics after watching Avengers 2, pick up the books and not understand how these two could be mutants but not be on an X-Men related team. Because his possible three dollars is worth more then all the Young Avengers fan base. Absolute horse shit. Who gives a fuck if the movies and comics are different worlds? In the ultimate universe they made the twins with hints of incest, but whatever it's another universe, they can do what they want. But not anymore, Marvel is going to try and create a prime universe. I am slicing my wrist with excitement. The idea of resetting all the books is an absolute nightmare. But think about all the new readers? What new readers? What about the loyal fan base that made you? When I started collecting comics for real I was about 12 maybe 13 years old, not sure, but my first book was Daredevil issue 323, part five of the Fall From Grace story. My point is, this wasn't Daredevil issue one. I really loved the DD episode in the Spider-man cartoon, the idea of a devil kicking ass and doing it while blind was so badass for my young mind, I wanted more of this guy. I started Daredevil in the 90's, it took me a few years to go back and find the classic work from Stan Lee, then the incredible work by Frank Miller and so forth. My point is no one was waiting on me to reset books so I could start on #1 and be able to understand what's going on, tons of comic book fans just started because they loved comics, the heroes and the villains and everything that comes with comic books. The fans who have dedicate so much are the people Marvel and DC Comics should be concerned about.

Because recently this relationship has been a very poisonous one. You give us an incredible and unique series that a lot of us fall in love with, but since it doesn't make Avengers kind of money it's not worth keep it around. She-Hulk, Elektra and New Warriors are just to name a few, and these were series I really liked and enjoyed. New Warriors was a fresh new and young team of super heroes, it was extremely refreshing from the main stream super hero team. You finally had a place that made sense for Scarlet Spider and had Nova back on the team, what more do you need? Apparently to make sure it sells like bottled water in the desert. And don't get me started on Elektra. This is the best looking book in comics today. There, I said it. And it is hard to argue, Mike del Mundo doesn't just draw a comic about the red assassin, he brings it to life in jaw dropping panels, with dream like progression through each page, Elektra is one that I always look forward too. Seriously people, get Elektra now and just look at the incredible pages. Mike better be on a new book as soon as possible. And while I am on the subject of artist, a show of hands, who here has bought a new series because of a particular artist was going to be drawing it, only to find out three issues in that they have already changed the artist to someone else, hands up? Thought so. Who wouldn't be hyped to know Joe Mad would be drawing Inhumans or Coipel on X-Men. And damn it, they even got someone else to draw Rocket Raccoon! No offence to that artist, but I bought that book for Skottie Young art! He's my favourite artist, and I have been waiting since his New Warriors run to see him back on a Marvel super hero comic run. Seriously you can have Young draw any book and I would buy the crap out of it! Now listen Marvel, you can't keep doing that, give the people who they want, not what you think they want. You guys make enough money to pay the artist who we want to see and to give the up and coming guys their own books to show their skills as well. What Marvel is doing here is like setting up a concert where Metallica opens for the garage KISS tribute band, how do you think the crowd would handle that? And also listen to your fan base, because I know at times we can be extremely needy and confusing bunch, but listen, take the good and filter the nonsense. Not everyone is a crazy 40 year old who is legally married to a Jean Grey mannequin, you've got fans who want better comics that reflect this changing and different world that we live in today. And you know Marvel, you've done it right with characters like Kamala, the new Ms.Marvel or even with Prodigy, an openly bi sexual character. You've got Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and the new Thor is an absolute step in the right direction. So don't ruin all the good you do for a few more bucks from the movies! Those movies will make millions regardless of the comic universe, you don't have to force the two together, it doesn't make any sense. Please, do what is right for the loyal fan base that has always been and will be there.

So that's what I think, and I really hope someone at Marvel, even an intern or something takes the time and reads this, just hoping this will make some kind of noise. And I suggest everyone to let Marvel or DC Comics know how you feel about the current state of comics, by letting your opinions be known and/or by purchasing power, which many would say is the best way to go about it. But what do you guys think about everything that is going on? Let me know and let the big two know as well. That's all the time I've got for now, thank you for reading and keep chasing the storm! 

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