Thursday, 11 December 2014

Black Holes Over A*#holes!

The best way to describe the current relationship between comic book fans and the two big companies in comics is a pretty simple one when I think about it. You ever remember threatening your parents that you were going to run away from home? You would grab the box of cookies, three juice boxes and your favourite toys and tell them you were done with their crap and you were going to live a life free of their oppressive state. In most case, the parents would tell you to cut the crap and wash your hands for dinner, but if you were brave enough to leave and play in the park for an hour, your parents knew you would be back home in no time. That is what we have here today with comics. And you can see this from both Marvel and DC Comics, they can cancel series at a whim and/or completely destroy any beloved character you hold dear to your heart, you know why? Because you will be back. I f*cking hated DC Comics for relaunching everything, but I own at least five #1 issue of several series. And I absolutely despise Marvel for what they did to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! And for what? A movie that is going to make millions even if they left these characters alone. Going to get more on that tomorrow. My point is though, we keep coming back. It's a very abusive relationship we have here, for the little they give, they are allowed to take anything they want from us. And where else can we go? Where you ask? Indi-f*cking-pendent! Seriously guys, there is tons of incredible comics that you have no idea about, go to artist alley and find these books, go online and follow these great stories. But you have to be willing to change the channel and take a chance on all these artist and writers who deserve you time and money.

"But you always review big two comics?"

...point. And I am going to change that today! 

So I decided to do different books everyday, and in that rotation will be indy comics as well. So you will get some classic or old stuff from Marvel and DC Comics, and I can mix that up with Image and Dark Horse comics as well, but then always do a new indy book or series. To represent from those who really deserve the spotlight. And today I am going to start with one of my current favourite series that is going on, the sci-fi adventure, Black Hole Hunters Club! 

The latest issue of Black Hole Hunters Club is issue 5, and with the first four you get to meet the entire cast of BHHC, a wide range of strange and down right gross looking aliens, all working together on a common goal and an overdue space bar tab. You always see what has happened to the father of Lars and Hector, a character who had a really good build up in the first issues, so it made an impact when he finally showed up and well...he was kind of a dick. But why? Well that is the question. But in issue 5, we got the brother and Liliam trekking through a forest when Lars suddenly finds a really kick ass bug. Like the coolest little dude ever, seriously. But then they get caught, shit. Not to worry though because the action isn't far away and we get to Lars use his transformation powers again in a really awesome way and we see Hector fry the crap out of some dick head frog, wicked stuff. 

While the issues aren't big, they get to the point. And why not? Who cares how much Trevor has been drinking on his way to the space supermarket? The story doesn't drag on, the pace is steady with plenty of humour and action, it's extremely refreshing to see this in a comic. If I have to make a complaint though, I still feel even with the larger cast that Hector and Lars (especially Lars, he's fucking awesome) steal the show. The others characters haven't really stood out as well yet, but there are plenty more issues to come and fix this problem anyway. And I guess one thing also, I wish the bad guys survived a little bit more to be developed, but hey you can always have magic zombies from outer space. Seriously bring back a stitch headed Prince Human from issue one, that would be sick! Aside from that, I can't stress how badly you guys need to start reading Black Hole Hunters Club! If you see Ricky Lima or Shane Heron at any of these shows, get the books! If you get a lot of them, Shane will draw you anything. And I hear he enjoys drawing a lot of the characters from My Little Pony. True story. 

 Down below I will give you some links to see more of both these guys and also where you can find these guys next. 

So there you have it guys, now you know one series and creators to start following. It is about time we take back control of our hobbies and of the things we love, comics is no different. We have two guys here who work their asses off to make some great unique comics and will continue to do so, they have tons of other stories and comics as well. Both helped out in the Monstrosity anthology comic and Ricky just released Deep Sea, with art from one of my favourite guys in the scene, Dave Bishop. Honestly if I can be anywhere near as good as these guys I will be happy, all of them inspire me to be the best comic creator I can be. But that's all I got for now guys, got to get some sleep. Been pretty consistent though eh? Until then, keep chasing the storm! 

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