Monday, 3 November 2014

AXIS: Red Hot Onslaught...

Here we go again, the Marvel crossover event.

And it's strange because I didn't feel there was enough time from Original Sins to where we are now with AXIS, the massive Avengers & X-Men crossover that has been built up since the new Marvel Now series started with Uncanny Avengers. For those who don't know, a quick little synopsis here; with the power of Charles Xavier in his brain, the Red Skull has launched and attack on mutants throughout the globe, even opening re-education camps for mutants to be experimented, exploited and killed. After superhero mutants, Havok, Scarlet Witch and Rouge are captured they run into Magneto, who as well was captured. In a battle against the Red Skull, Magneto does the unthinkable and kills him, and in act of pure hatred a new being is born, the Red Onslaught. Like Onslaught...but red, mainly. Regardless it's bad news for the world and a challenge that only together can the Avengers and X-Men conquer. 

It is at this point where I need to layout a spoiler warning, this is more of a my thoughts on AXIS so far and not so much a review, because if you have been following the Uncanny Avengers story so far, it's a no brainier that you will be reading this. Hell every single Avengers, X-Men and Marvel fan in general should be reading this! So if you don't want any spoils, turn away now, you have been warned. 

So this is kind of a big deal and everything and it's really cool, but I just have one really big complaint about all this...

Okay, so Cyclops get possessed by the Phoenix Force and kills Professor X. Tragic. Sad. That I get. He gets taken down, they destroy the Phoenix and label Cyclops and his team criminals. Okay, that is debatable especially considering that practically every hero has dropped the ball once or twice, and everyone knows the Phoenix was involved, can you really blame the guy for wanting to save his race. But that's not my issue here. So here's the deal, in issue 1 of Uncanny Avengers we see Wolverine giving a big speech at Professor X funeral (...seriously though, how many funerals does this guy need?) and it's all fine and dandy, he gets a beautiful memorial and is buried. Then, at the end of this same issue, we see Red Skull with Xavier's dead body and holding his brain. What the hell? How does this even happen?! We know these kind of things can happen, we have seen clones and power stealing being done on plenty of dead comic book characters before, this isn't new. So cremation, why didn't it happen? Burn up his body, brain included and problem solved. If his ashes are in the ocean, then no one is going to desecrate his memory. Simple as that. If they did this, there would be no Red Onslaught to deal with in the first place. Maybe I am nit picking here or whatever, but Xavier has died so many times already, you think they would have learned. Or even having his body protected in the lower levels of the school or I don't know in highly guarded hero graveyard. Maybe it's because I saw this happen in Blackest Night with the dead body of Bruce Wayne, and even then I wondered how that was even possible? Why would you bury one the most paranoid people on the planet out in the open? Comics, am I right?

So regardless we got ourselves a massive and powerful psychic being in Red Onslaught which has sent the world in a frenzy of chaos and hate. The book starts off with the Avengers fighting each other during a mission to stop Plant Man, and quickly we get an update on Magneto and the other Uncanny Avengers fighting one and other. We see as well that somehow, Cyclops has been captured, which I don't think happened yet in Uncanny X-Men, but I could be wrong. As well as Quentin Quire and Genesis, which is basically Kid Apocalypse. But after a Summers brother fight, we see what we've been waiting for, the X-Men reunited. And not only that, we get a massive Marvel team up with every hero available taking it to the Red Onslaught, thanks to Iron Man creating a psychic disruptive device. Unfortunately for everyone, Iron Man also had thought of a contingency plan, a just in case any hero gets out of line, and Onslaught stole those thoughts and created some deadly hero eliminating Sentinels. Damn it Stark. 

So while not the best action yet, there is a lot of promise here. Will see what they do with all these characters though, how will the heroes defeat these Sentinels and the Red Onslaught? But I think the bigger questions are what's going to happen with the X-Men? What about Magneto? And what about Tony Stark, whose fear and paranoia may have gotten everyone killed. What kind of world is on the horizon? Luckily, we won't have to wait too long to find, we already got the next two issues out already. A change is coming, good times true believers! 

So yeah, stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 thoughts and comments coming up soon! If you are a reading AXIS as well, let me know what you think about all this? Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts on the current big crossover event from Marvel? Leave comments below and be sure to tell your friends about this page and all that other good stuff. Until then, keep chasing the storm.