Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Drop the Hammer

This past Saturday the Spent Pencils crew made an appearance at the first time show in Hamilton, Hammer Con. A super early morning drive for all of us was pretty rough, but what do you expect when you stay up late finishing up sketch covers. Me and Tea stayed up pretty late watching musicals and Torchwood while we worked away on sketch covers, it was an awesome night for sure and totally worth staying up. And seriously, I need more Torchwood in my life, it's amazing in so many ways. So little sleep and all, we came and set up, not really knowing what to expect from this one day show, but regardless of the circumstances we are always reading to work and show the world what we got.

The Spent Pencils crew was ready for a day of sketching with a great crew of artist; Daniel Wong, Gerard de la Costa, Paul Limgenco, Oliver CastaƱeda, Joe Bonsu, Nicholas R.Lukic, Rico Valdes, Marvin Mariano, Hugh Rockwood, Vince SunicoTea Medeiros and myself, ChileanStorm. The crowds came in early to see the show, meet the celebrity guest and check out the collection of different talent in the artist alley. The Hamilton crowd was really happy to get prints and sketches from all of us at the show, I even ended up selling out on a few of my more popular prints like Pokemon and Adventure Time prints. I did a commission piece as well which was a lot of fun, got to flex my cartoon muscle a little, it was a blast to do both of these.

But a big thank you to all the staff at the show, to everyone who came by our table, I am so grateful to all who came by and got some prints, it's awesome to see the smiles on people through our art. I hope the show did well enough for a weekend expansion next year, looking forward to coming back to Hamilton. The next Spent Pencils shows and events will be New York Comic Con and Pulp Comics anniversary show out in Niagara. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep track of all our shows and get a chance to see the amazing art from all the artist in Spent Pencils. I will be updating plenty here on my blog and on YouTube, so be to follow all the different sources. That's all the time I got for now, keep chasing the storm.