Thursday, 3 October 2013

Spent Does AVRO

This past Saturday, the city of Mississauga held the Doors Open event, in which many of the well known locations and landmarks in the Mississauga area had there doors open to the public. One of these spots was the International Centre out on Airport Road and was also the homecoming for one the greatest inventions in Canadian history, the AVRO Arrow. This fighter jet was way ahead of its time in its creation and was unfortunately shut down before they could ever take flight, yet remains a symbol of Canadian ingenuity and craftsmanship. To celebrate the return of the AVRO Arrow and to help educate the youth of today of this amazing piece of history, the Spent Pencils crew came together to create an amazing and fantastic comic book, The Legend of the AVRO Arrow.

With an amazing collection of artist in Spent Pencils, the best three came together to make this project a reality. With the art handled by Daniel Wong, the writing and the colour handled by Maddsketch and an incredible cover by the great Vince Sunico, SP brought out the best of the best. The book is handled with great care, with an amazing eye on the details from various location in Mississauga, the fighter jet and even the mayor is recreated perfectly in this book. The story follows two kids who are working on a school project and find out everything on the AVRO Arrow and find out the history and the mystery on the jet. You even get to see a small project on the last page as well, which is a great way to sum up all the information for the younger readers.

The event kicked off bright and early on Saturday, with many in attendance to welcome home the AVRO Arrow. After the opening ceremony and words from the mayor and other officials who helped bring the Doors Open event together. The Spent crew was on hand all day and went through 500 copies of the book, for everyone who came by to get a copy of the book, to the very young to the elderly as well, many who had work history on the jet as well. It was great seeing all the different reactions to the book, a lot of great feedback. We may have needed more books though, but that's why it's always good to come early to these kind of events. Truly proud to see this project come to life and seeing these artist get the attention from the city that all artist deserve. It's awesome to see the Spent Pencils family grow and expand into different communities and different mediums. 

If you missed the event but would like a copy of the book, check out Image Collection Comics, as well as Gotham Central Comics may have a few copies as well, not to sure. And also keep tuned for October, because we got a very busy schedule ahead of us this month, from Hamilton to New York city and back, we are going to be spent, but honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. Keep chasing the storm.