Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get Funky

Every now and then you get a story or even a single issue that breaks all the rules and stands out as an awesome single book. For many, these are the random books we find as young fans in those dollar bins, who hasn't been there once or twice. It can also be that book with the really pretty cover, something so eye catching you can't leave it on the shelf, and hey it's got a pretty cool story as well to boot. But sometimes it can be a single issue in the larger story line of the big plot but it has an iconic moment of your favorite characters dueling to the death or the introduction of a brand new character all together. But every now and then you get a story so ridiculous you can't help but plug in your blog, cause let's face it as far as over the top and strictly silly stories go...this one takes the cake and throws it at the wall...then licks it off the wall. Welcome to Deadpool #13, I will let the cover here do the talking...

That's right, Deadpool in the 70's. 

Not only is the Merc with a Mouth doing business in New York looking for work, he decides to team up with the Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And yes we get the classic yellow shirt Power Man, an awesome throwback for fans. The whole look of the book is a throwback as well, with a very cool vintage look done by Scott Koblish, it makes the whole experience much more. And the incredibly hilarious writing team of Gerard Gorman Duggan and Brian Edmund Posehn, which have been at the helm of the new Marvel Now Deadpool series, continue to keep the series crazy, funny and completely insane. Which in Deadpool's case is everything you could ask for. I don't want to give out too much of the plot on this one, so I will leave you with this piece of information, the villain is a pimp. Again, I can't recommend this book enough, it's so ridiculous and yeah the time line is thrown out the window, but sometimes you just need that. I mean it's hard to keep track of your own life, let alone all the different time lines and lives of our beloved comic book heroes and villains. So relax, read and laugh your ass off. We can't always be so serious. 

This is a two part story though, so you can pick up Deadpool #13 in stores now and Deadpool #14 will be in stores next week, gives you a little something to laugh at during the Infinity series that also begins next week as well. So be sure to give these books a read if you haven't already, an extremely funny experience that shouldn't be missed. Got some work to take care of tonight, not to mention a new episode of Time Well Spent! So stay tuned for that. 

Keep chasing the storm.