Thursday, 25 July 2013

Spent Covers Fathom

So I think it was about a month ago or so, I posted up a first special look at the all new exclusive variant cover that two of my fellow Spent mates, Oliver and Paul worked for Gotham Central Comics. the cover was for Aspen Comics Bubblegun! So the dynamic and amazing duo are back again with another comic cover, this time for the flagship book of Aspen Comics, Fathom. The book will getting a launch event over at Gotham Central Comics this Saturday, and both artist will be on hand to sign the exclusive cover for you. So if you are in the Mississauga area this Saturday, then be sure to go early and get yourself some exclusive original Spent Pencils style covers. Only at Gotham Central Comics.

And here for you is one of first looks at this very cool cover, here first are the original pencils from the amazingly talented Oliver CastaƱeda.... 

And here are the added splash of living colour from Paul Limgenco...

How cool is this?! Pretty awesome isn't, bet you wish you could get one? Well be sure to go to Gotham Central Comics and get yourself a few extra copies! 

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