Monday, 29 July 2013

Sketch Cards Giveaway!

Before I go on about the sketch cards that I am giving out this Wednesday at Silver Snail Comics, I need everyone to stay calm and time well spent...

That's right episode 7 is here! We take a look at all the news from San Diego Comic Con, as well as Spotlight on Fatale (which I am reading right now, and damn it is good) and on Marvel Now's New Avengers. Then in reviews, we look at Revival, which is an amazing little series about the living and the undead. So gives us a watch, like, comment and subscribe to the Maddsketch channel. And spread the word as well, episode 8 will be up later on this week. But yeah, let us know what you think.

Okay so back to those sketch cards. Yes I will be giving away four sketch cards to the first four who purchase anything from my table, a sketch or a cover or even one of my Bizzaro prints. These are fully inked and colored sketch cards, and would usually go for about 10 bucks or so, but I want to throw one in as a thank you to you, so with out anymore delay here are the four cards available...

And remember this is a first come, first pick kind of deal. And these are all one of a kind, so come early and get some cool ChileanStorm comic book art! And I am always doing these kind of promotions, I like giving things out and what not, so stayed tuned here and always look for the Spent Pencils table at shows and conventions. We got tons of different deals and promotions going on all the time, so if you are looking for the best deal at the shows, look no further. 

So now you know, so come on down to Silver Snail Comics early on Wednesday for the last day of July Well Spent, it's been a blast all month long, so don't miss the last show! Well I got a lot of work to get back to but I am going to try and keep updated with as much content as well. But remember to follow all my work on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well, need to get more views going on that. But I will be back later on in the week, keep chasing the storm.