Monday, 15 July 2013

Deadpool Reads Deadpool

Today I am going to be taking a look at the latest new series of everyone's favourite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. This red devil has had his own series run, he has teamed up with various heroes in the Marvel universe, he made a team of various different Deadpools from different universes, joined the X-Force and the Thunderbolt, he killed a universe and even other story world have been nuked by Deadpool. So what's left to kill? How about himself? Well that's exactly what is happening in the all new Deadpool Kills Deadpool. Someone or something is plotting to take out Deadpool in all the different universes and worlds. But who is doing this and why? And what repercussions will be done to all the worlds? That's pretty much the plot, the bigger question here though, is it worth your time and money? Let's find out.

Off the bat, if you're a Deadpool fanatic it probably goes without saying to get this book. All the Deadpool books and series are practically made for the already and large fanbase demographic. If you aren't sold on the Merc with a Mouth, you will probably want to skip this series, cause it doesn't do anything differently, not to mention you may be lost on more then a few jokes. But if you are in the grey zone, then let me break it down for you all the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolutely awesome.
The book starts off with a bam, actually more of a boom cause someone gets blown up as our sort mysterious assassin is presented. Honestly still not sure about the who the main villain/culprit/bad guy really is, but it adds to the story, gives it some intrigue and mystery, which in comics is a bonus. We see our Deadpool, the one from the main Marvel universe (also known as universe 616) trying his best to save a city and the innocent citizens from a robot terrorist attack. I would imagine this is used to identify our Deadpool as a crazy merc who is trying to do some good in this world, which by the issues in the current Marvel Now series of Deadpool, you really do get that impression. He gets a little assist from the Deadpool Corps, who have also come to warn him on the assassin who is taking out all Deadpools. A gory and brutal battle goes down and our heroes set off to find the hunters and put a stop to all of them.

An extremely fun and hilarious read, if you've never read any of the Deadpool books, these are the elements that define him and most of his misadventures. The problem here though is to get most of the story you would have to have been reading a lot of the different series that he has spawned in the last few years. I can imagine it would leave a lot of new readers in the dark, making it a hard recommendation to any new readers. However if you do decide to venture on you will find the funny and crazy writing is packed with pop culture references and a lot of overall silliness. With a lot of big summer events going on in Marvel and DC, it's nice to have a book we can relax and turn down the tension. The art stays true to the formula as well, with plenty over the top violence and destruction going on, and this is probably a make or break situation, what's your take on violence? Can you laugh at the over the top gore or does it make you look away. Depending on how you feel about this, it will probably determine your ultimate decision on Deadpool Kills Deadpool. To those iron stomach ready for a fun book to get to know and see the mouthy mercenaries battle for their liv

es, gives this book a shot. If you end up loving the formula and the character, you will no doubt be set on finding all of the previous and future Deadpool comics. But this kind of character wasn't made for everyone, so if you've turn Deadpool books down before in the past, this book does nothing to change your mind in that department.
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