Saturday, 16 March 2013


I am just giving a little update here on my blog and the first thing I am doing is giving this blog a new name, Storm Watch! If you don't know by now, I do go by the alias ChileanStorm, a crazy wild and unpredictable Chilean. I thought it was a pretty catchy name, so I am going to be using that pretty much everywhere, so that when you see the name, you know who it is. The one and only. Although it would be neat if there were other storms out there, like an ArgentinianStorm or a BrazilianStorm, a little idea out there for other aspiring Latino artists like me out there. Anyways, now you know, so let people know the new name of the blog, same old me but a brand new name.

So with that out of the way onto more important news and events that went down these past weeks.

I first want to let everyone here know about the brand new Spent Pencils website that is up and running, so go check it out right now at and it is a beauty! A big shout out to Daniel Wong and Kevin Briones on the fantastic job on this site, it looks incredible! I'll be posting a lot of my work on there, so you can find all my work when you go to my page which is right here ChileanStorm Art. I will have links to both these pages on the main page on here as well, once I figure out how to make this place look more me then plain. Also while we are on the subject of Spent Pencils, a big welcome to our two new members, the lovely and super talented ladies, Joanne Seto and Tiffany Medeiros. Welcome to the Spent family! And check out and like our Facebook page as well, tell everyone who loves art and comics.

In other news, I had my first Hobbystar convention last weekend and it was quite the experience, I still can't believe how such a large room can seem so small when it's crammed with tons and tons of people. A great turn out, it's always awesome to see such a large crowd for the nerd community. A lot of great costumes, a lot of brownie points for those comic book costumes, keep up the great work. And of course seeing various different friends in the Toronto art scene, which again is another amazing community! It's great to see everyone working hard on different projects and how we can all help one and other out. It was a learning experience for me for sure, I felt a little unprepared by comparison  to some of my other fellow artist. But you live and learn, and I plan to be more prepared for the next show. I am still learning slowly the Photoshop art side of things, but keep posted, a lot of prints will be coming soon. And also I will posting more here to let everyone know in advanced when and where I will be drawing, so you can find me and say hi, getting a sketch card or pick up a print. So keep posted here.

Then I had to work all week. During March break. If there's something that can crush someones soul it's working at a tourist hot spot during the March break. But I survived. And as a great man once said, big girls don't cry.

So that's me, keep tuned here and be sure to spread the word, the Storm Watch is here.