Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Keep on Sketching...

I want to start something new with all the different sources of online media, something that allows me to sketch out things that I haven't or would never have thought of sketching, and also allows you, friends or new comers to gain totally free art work from me. I will post on Twitter when I am sketching away and I will be taking free request, now keep in mind sometimes I will be working away on different projects or commissions, but know that your drawing will be on it's way. But by all means, feel free to contact me on any of these different sources of digital online media, Facebook or Instagram, or even leave a comment as well here on my blog for any art request, and I will be more than welcome to sketch for you.

So what I did work with my first take on this kind of project was two different pieces on Monday night, I did a viking and one of the legendary stunt man, Evel Kinevel. Two subjects that are very foreign to me, but I think that's what got me interested in doing said sketches.

The first one here is the viking...


So with this piece I wanted to make him look as freaky as possible, a little scary as well.  A huge upper body and a tiny torso, the Superman body, if you will. I didn't want to go super detailed with the armor, being a sketch and all. A lot of sharp lines on this one, a trademark move that I really want to master. At first I wanted to give him long hair and a long sturdy beard, but I decided to go with a crazier kind of look, something that made him look more like a mountain nomad if you will. The darker armor and the spikes are just the additional touches to finish him up.

If you check out my Twitter page, you can see progress shots on the sketch and how it came to be. Another thing I wanted to give my viewers, the ability to see the magic be made. 

Now for my second piece...

This one is a caricature of Evel Kinevel. So some of the things here, tried to get the nose and the hair to stand out as much as possible. I hope that I got the look down as well as keeping the cartoon aspect of the piece altogether. This is another technique that I want to master as well, to draw cartoon version of people and have them know who it is. Let me know if you think I pulled it off or not.

So there you have it folks, remember to contact me through the various means of media and I will be sure to post them up. And also check out the Spent Pencils page for various new updates from all of us at SP, a lot of great work to be found there. Also be sure to keep note of our event page, Spring is starting up soon and we will be very busy, so check it out.