Thursday, 3 January 2013

Riders Awaken!

Call it what you will, a long day at work, lack of food or vitamins, lack of sleep, or what I think it may be a deadly combination of all three. I am totally broken, my whole body is killing me, my legs feel like they walked miles and miles on end, and my spine is really sore. Now I think I understand Danny Glover just a little bit more in the Lethal Weapon movies. But I can't even say that I am still really young, okay, energy! Rise! Up and atom!

So today I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be posting up new and exciting art in a group art blog, The Indestructible Dream Riders! Here's the link...

This is a really great and neat idea and it will contain tons of different unique artworks from all of us at IDR. You'll also get insight to our takes on various comic book characters and our drawing process. So if you love art, comics and all that good stuff, bookmark us and follow our page and tell your friends and family too.

And remember here on Slackers Code, you will still get daily updates on just about anything I feel like talking about and a general idea on how I am doing and all that good stuff.

Also guys remember to leave me any request for sketch cards here in the comments section or on Facebook. Also be sure to tell your friends and if you haven't already as well to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @ChileanStorm thanks in advanced.

A quick update for tonight guys, I got a lot art to work on these nights, and honestly it's a blast when I am drawing. Signing off, til next time slackers!