Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sketch Card It Up!

Greetings geeks and freaks from all corners of the internet, today is another late post, so as you can imagine I've had a very long day at the work place, sort of busy today with all the little kids being on holiday vacation from school. But that's not a big deal and it's not going to stop me from posting for you, and thank you in advanced to everyone who takes a small time from their day to read my little blogs, it's a joy writing them and will do my best to post one everyday, so tell your friends and family, spread the word on Slackers Code.

So today, we got ourselves a new little thing here that a few of my friends have started to do and that's sketch cards. What's a sketch card you ask? It's like getting a regular commission print or drawing but on a micro sized paper, but it makes it easier to collect and trade with friends. I have a few sites from fellow artist friends that are doing some cards as well, that I will be linking at the end here, two are my good friends and mentors in the art game, Maddsketch and Joe Osei Bonsu. I love these guys, super super talented, if I can be half the artist that they are, that would be more than enough. So if you've noticed that I've improved, it's all thanks to the teaching and guidance from these guys and all the amazing artist from Spent Pencils. Drink the pepsi, be the pepsi.  Anyways, it's great to see all the cool and different ideas that artist incorporate to these cards, and so today I will share a few of mine with you today.

Captain Marvel (Redesign):

So this was an idea given while the SP crew was hanging out, the idea was to redesign different characters of the Justice League. I decided to pick Captain Marvel, in part cause technically he is the kid of the group and at times, I feel like the kid in the group. The idea here was to make him looking more like a tough and rough punk, the bolt scarred right on his chest to make him look more intimidating towards enemies and thugs.

The Joker:

If you've been reading the current Batman comics, here's a face you won't soon forget. After the events in Detective Comics #1, the Joker is truly fucking wild now! I love this morbid and sick twisted idea on the Joker, it's perhaps the best move done by the new 52 DC universe!

Iron Patriot:

Hey kids, it's the Green Goblin! Sort of, or maybe just another face for Norman Osborn. The run on Dark Avengers was amazing, and this idea of the perfect hero shell holding the darkest mind of the Marvel universe was brilliant in my mind. Honestly I was hoping the Dark Reign would last longer.


The God of thunder himself! I've grown to love Thor and his crazy adventures in the nine realms, he really has grown on me over the past few weeks. And yes, I am working on a few more from the Thor universe, including a Loki as well...and a Hiddleston Loki for the girls. :P

So what do you think on the first batch of cards? If you got any request, by all means let me know and I will do it up, going to be posting more of these when I collect a few more and I will soon be posting on a art related blog with Madd Sketch, so be sure to follow me there as well.

That's all the time I have for today guys, but be sure to check out the links below and the artists work. I am out, til next time slackers!

Joe's Site:
Maddsketch's Site: