Friday, 4 January 2013

Hot and Tired as Hell

After a long three days of work, I finally have a day off tomorrow. It's long hours standing and working on the floor making sales, stocking products and all that, but as they say, a mans got to eat. But honestly there's nothing better than sitting at my desk, with my music and a bunch of materials and paper, just drawing the night away, creating and imagining the things that haven't been thought of before. I am really looking forward to working away on some sketch cards and I am also going to get started on a few blank covers as well, the hard part is deciding which covers to start on. But truth be told I will probably be starting on some Batman/Scarecrow covers. I honestly love the Scarecrow way too much, it's a little scary...get it? Okay, that was lame, I will admit that.

Anyways, I want to take the time to let everyone know that on the 26th this month, me and Spent Pencils crew will be drawing for the people at Gotham Central Comics for their one year anniversary! Come down and get some original art and prints from all of us at SP, I will have plenty of sketch cards and original drawings available for purchase and I will be doing blank covers as well for anyone looking for a unique original cover. Gotham Central Comics have been amazing to us and honestly it's one of the largest comics stores in Toronto, hell maybe in all of Canada. If you haven't been, now is the best time of any to come by and see the amazingly large selection of comics, graphic novels, toys, figurines and plenty more down at Gotham. Mark the date and make it your day, Saturday January 26th! You've been told!

Another short blog for tonight guys, going to be an early night for me most likely, really tired. But keep posted here and remember to spread the word slackers, tell everyone you know and all that good stuff. So that's me for today, til then I am signing off.