Saturday, 5 January 2013


Is there anything greater than a day off? I doubt it, it's one of life's little pleasure but you do need to work for it. And well, technically I was doing some work today in form of my art work. I started off the morning pretty late, but hey, I had a really late night so it evens itself out. I decided to sort my video game collection, trying to organize it, I managed to finish sorting my PlayStation 2 games, and that took some time. Although I look at this shelf unit and I realize I need to get one that lets me see all the games, that way it makes it easier to find. You never know when I'll get the craving to play some NHL 2k4 or some Person 3 FES. The crazy thing was though, sorting through my games I realized that there are still some games for the PS2 that I still need to get for my collection, off the top of my head a game I really felt like playing the other day was the first Kingdom Hearts. I had a lot of fun with that game and say what you will, but I really enjoyed it. That and I guess I still need the World Heroes Collection, although I doubt I'd play that much. I didn't get to sorting my GameCube, Xbox, Wii and Xbox 360 games, but that will be for another day. This also reminds me I need to get around to getting a PS3 and a HD tv, I mean it's about time I would say.

As I am writing this I am looking through some covers and remixes of different songs, and apparently a big thing is rock covers of pop songs. It's strange at first but like any catchy pop song, it eventually grows on you. I really enjoyed a cover to Bad Romance and Last Friday Night, but it's definitely not for everyone, it's very bizarre combination. But please suggest to me good remix channels if you got any or sites for that matter, I love all shapes and forms of music, so lay it out on me.

Also today I got to work on a few more sketch cards, but I will posting these on the Spent Pencils Facebook page and on the IDR blog, so be sure to follow those and check them out. But remember to leave me any request for a character and I will do my best to do it up. But Yeah, it's time to scan these up, so I will see over on the next page. Also I gotta work tomorrow early so I best get myself a little of sleep...well maybe a few hours.

Later Slackers!