Monday, 7 January 2013

Not So Blank

Good evening slackers, so for today, I wanted to show a little something special here with all you, a special first preview if you will, exclusive stuff. So as many of you are aware, or not, first time readers are always welcomed as well, I draw a lot. It's my skill, my passion and what I want to do so I can tell stories and create stories. So a big thing for a lot of us artist in the comic world are the various different blank variant covers that being released to all of us. The first one I remember was a Secret Invasion blank cover, but it was mostly all black with a little white box that was the drawing space, needles to say they have come some distant from those days. With the new Marvel Now launches going on these past month we have had quite a large batch of different blank cover variants, and a lot more still to come. These are great, for us artist when we do launch parties we are able to draw unique covers for a lot of fans, which is a really fun practice for a lot of us at Spent Pencils. It also means for us art nuts, that we can take these home and do crazy creative things with all of these covers. We can do crazy crossover, redraw our favorite classic covers with our own twist, make characters darker or draw them like cute anime characters, the possibilities are endless.

So I've had the chance to pick up a few of these and just before the New Years I was able to finish up on my first blank cover, this one was for the very first Marvel Now comic series to be launched, for the mutant and super hero team, the Uncanny Avengers. A great idea to take both teams and put them together and it's great to see more light on Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Havok. Although I am not sold on going with Hovok's old design for his costume. But a great comic so far, if you have yet to pick it up then go to your local shop and pick it up, the first two should be out for sure. And with out any more delay, I present to you my cover for Uncanny Avengers...

So the scanner here at home isn't big enough so I had to scan both sides individually, but you get the general idea here. As soon as I saw the title, I had the idea to draw them all as the Undead Avengers and yes, Marvel has plenty of zombie stories already and various zombie covers, but I a vision and I wanted to draw it out. So I had the six members of the comic team up and front on both sides, on the front we got Wolverine, Rogue and Captain America. On the back we have Thor, Scarlet Witch and Havok. I then added plenty of different characters from both worlds, like Iron Fist and Cloak, and even Magneto and a Cyclops skull head. There's a lot going on here, so take a look and see all the neat little things I added to each side, including one hero who may or may not be dead.

So there you have it a first look at my blank variant cover, let me know what you think. Did you like it? Hate it? Love it? Leave a comment below or share with your friends and family. Also for everyone in the Toronto area be sure to follow Spent Pencils on Facebook and Twitter to find out when we will be at a comic shop near you so you can get some unique blank covers as well. That's all the time I have for today guys, keep on slacking slacker!